Club Run to the Norton Centre on 18/9/2021.

Andrew B, Ben, Geoff, Harvey, Mark and Neil rode the run to Walsingham on a lovely late summer’s day with warm sun and a fresh south easterly. It was pretty much straight out west parallel to the coast as far as North Creake in the morning, before climbing back over to Walsingham for the refreshment break in the courtyard of the Norton. There were some testing little climbs on the way back too, including the lumpy bits through the Barshams and over to the Snorings, then over the airfield to Thursford, through the hole in the hedge (HitH) to Barney, into the wind down to Stibbard, finally working back round to pick up a lot of tailwind by way of Nethergate, Craymere, Briston, the Pond Hills undulations, Hempstead and Baconsthorpe.

Geoff managed to survive an unprovoked attack by a chicken on the light railway bridge at Wighton.

Distances: 63 miles to 80 miles.

Observation (over a period of time): – as things stand, and being realistic, the regular bunch is becoming less and less capable of completing Saturday’s 60 odd milers at a decent pace and still being back in Sheringham at a reasonable time. One of the objectives of advertised club runs has always been to attract new members to NNW. Inevitably some of the old stalwarts pass on for various reasons and some are replaced by new people. However, much more significant numbers of people make enquiries, turn up for a couple of weeks and then vanish without trace. Why? Obviously because they don’t like what is on offer. It might be sensible to re-badge what is currently on offer. This could be along the lines of fit and very fit veterans group (VC Vetus Velox), but all ages welcome and downloadable route files available for those who want to push on a bit. A veterans group would also be less tied to Saturdays and the evidently increasing problems with cafes at weekends. Friday might prove to be a better option, although a couple of the younger members (Ben and Scott?) might justifiably protest. Given the size of the Strava group on the NNW website, it always seems surprising that there is no demand for a younger, more dynamic Strava–driven group, more suitable to 21st century cycling boomers.