Club Run to Lyng on 25/9/2021

Generally the cafe at Lyng Stores is too small to cater for a weekend club run as well as the locals out for their Saturday treat, so hitherto we have used it only on wet winter Saturdays when only 1,2 or 3 riders were out. However, with at least seven of the regular bunch committed elsewhere, an elite trio of Wheelers took the opportunity to enjoy good food and drink at what certain North Norfolk Wheelers like to refer to as “reasonable prices”. It is also worth noting that Lyng Stores has recently installed several more outside tables and chairs.

Today’s route was a little shorter than normal, travelling directly to Cawston, then Haveringland church, Swannington, Attlebridge, the marl pit climb, the long scenic descent to Ringland, Weston Green, Collin Green and the steep descent of Cadder’s Hill to the cafe. After the break it was follow the Wensum by way of Fustyweed and Bylaugh before climbing over the ridge to Billingford and home via Foulsham, Odessa, Wood Dalling, detouring round the back of Briston past Rookery Farm and Growle Abbey to a conventional last few miles through Baconsthorpe to Bodham Hill and Red Barn Lane.

Mark, Graham J and Harvey enjoyed good autumnal weather for a brisk run out.

Distances: 59 miles to 75 miles.