Club Run to Mundesley on 9/10/2021.

It must be something about mellow autumnal days, but today’s run attracted eleven Wheelers, several of whom are themselves mellow and autumnal. Today’s turnout included new man, Neil, who has recently moved up from Cambridge. The relative proximity of Mundesley offered an opportunity to follow a devious route, travelling by way of Lower Gresham, Sustead, Thurgarton, Erpingham, Colby school, Hylton Crossways, Skeyton Goat, Scottow, Frankfort, Dilham, Honing, Edingthorpe and Paston to the Corner House Cafe. It was noted in passing that the Jonet Cafe has reopened. The Corner House staff dealt admirably with the large influx, pulling together a couple of tables and dealing efficiently with eleven orders. The way back climbed up to Trunch and Knapton, crossing the outward route to Dead Man’s Grave, Pigney’s Wood and the little lane to Swafield, swinging back north and west via Bradfield, Southrepps Hall, Northrepps, Sally Bean’s, Mill Road and Metton to splits in the bunch at Gresham church and Red Barn Lane.

Bunch:- Andrew B; Brian; Graham A; Harvey; Jim; Mark; Neil Mc; Neil S: Ben; David; Scott.

Distances (for those starting at PC): 53 miles to 77 miles.

With a decent sized bunch out today, it was again evident that sensible use of downloadable route files makes it feasible to accommodate a wide range of weekend Wheelers, from the steady touring element right through to those who like to push on a bit. Even if only three riders load the route to Garmin and another who knows the route keeps an eye on the rearguard, then everyone can follow the same route, but at variable pace.