Club Run to Wells on 30/10/2021

Four left Pretty Corner in light rain, but apart from a couple of heavier bursts, there was far less precipitation than anticipated. Riding roughly parallel to the coast, the westbound route went by way of Bodham, Salthouse Heath, Glandford ford, up the Downs, Langham, Cockthorpe, Binham, Wighton, Crabbe Castle and a glorious tailwind assisted descent down through Holkham Park to the coast road. The final stretch out of the Park was highlighted by a remarkable light show as the sun behind us lit up the thick black clouds over the sea and highlighted the autumnal avenue of trees along Lady Ann’s Drive. This was also a welcome sign that most of the forecast rain was now out over the sea. Both Holkham and Wells were very busy with half term holidaymakers.

It was good to see an old Wheelers’ favourite, Nelson’s Cafe, restored to full working order after the combined tribulations of a major fire and Covid. Neil felt bloated just looking at Mark’s steak and kidney pie with chips, broccoli, carrots and gravy.

The weather gods proved to be doubly generous for the return trip, providing total sunshine as well as shifting the strong southerly to a helpful south westerly. Back to Sheringham was via Warham, Field Dalling, Saxlingham, Sharrington, Brinton and generally conventional ways back up to PC.

Group: Graham J; Harvey; Mark; Neil Mc.

Distances: 53 miles to 72 miles.