Club Run to Mundesley on 6/11/2021

Eight Wheelers assembled at Pretty Corner for the weekend run out to the Corner Cafe on the east coast. Today’s very convoluted route was the the Spaghetti Eastern, starring Flint Westwood (alias Brian, whose bottom bracket sounded like a Gatling gun). North east Norfolk is of course threaded with lots of little lanes, so why not use them, especially when the roads are generally dry? After numerous twists and turns, the bunch eventually made it to Trunch, much to the surprise of the Erdington Express, Neil S. From there it was a lovely sunlit descent towards the coast and a final climb up over the ridge through the former isolation hospital. Just south of Stump Cross a new club record was set with no less than six riders behind the hedge.

To Neil’s surprise the return ride found another way into Trunch, before crossing the outward route and heading home by way of Southrepps, Antingham, Rugg’s Hall, Suffield rectory, the shortcut through Hanworth Timber, Thwaite Common and Bessingham to the split at Gresham, where Jim suffered his second front wheel puncture on consecutive club runs.

Group: Neil S; Neil Mc; Mark; Jim; Harvey; Graham A; Brian; Andrew.

Distances: 51 miles to 71 miles.

Conditions: A pleasantly benign cycling day for November, with more sun than forecast, a rising south westerly and light rain from 3.55.