Club Run to Pensthorpe on 13/11/2021.

Five departed from the Pretty Corner meeting point in thick drizzle. Apart from a couple of bright flashes, mainly while in the cafe, and a heavier band of rain early afternoon, that’s the way it stayed all day. The short outward leg to the Courtyard Cafe went by way of Plumstead Green, the ridge road past Range Farm, Edgefield, Briston, Hindolveston, Stibbard and the Lower Clipstone detour, before the lung-opening kicks up the notorious Ryburgh bergs and the short main road run in to an early refreshment break. As in days of old, the initial couple of miles of the return trip joined the heavy traffic on the A1067 to the turn off for Thorpland Hall and Great Snoring. The longer leg back then visited Thursford, Gunthorpe, Briningham, Burgh Parva, Hindolveston (having ridden the 13 miles to PC in the morning, Neil Mc headed off home to Kerdiston from here), Burnthouse, Thurning mill, Growle Abbey and the back ways round Briston to pick up a more conventional last few miles, via the iron sombreros, to West Beckham for a two-way split – (for those who were there, the main reason that the mileage was less than advertised is that the leader forgot to detour round by Blackwater Lane and Rookery Farm).

Riders: Andrew; Graham A; Harvey; Mark; Neil Mc.

Distances: 56 miles to 71 miles.