Club Run to Hoe on 29/11/2021

During the weekend of Storm Arwyn there was a general consensus to postpone the club run to Monday. In the event there were four Wheelers left Pretty Corner for the Fork in Hoe cafe. On a bright, but cold and windy morning, the route into mid-Norfolk went by way of Plumstead, Corpusty, Tyby, Guestwick, Foulsham, Billingford, Worthing watermill and the Manor Farm detour to the Fork at Corner’s Nursery, where the food and the service were first class. There was some fairly substantial patchy ice on the roads in the Hoe-Dereham area, apparently causing a few early morning accidents. The ‘feels like’ temperature never rose above zero all day. Today was the first time in 71 years of cycling that one Wheeler can remember thinking in November – “roll on spring!”. A lad in the cafe said he felt cold just “thinking about you boys riding back to Sheringham”. He was wearing a fur-lined hat, obviously fashionable in Hoe (“wear the fox hat!”). There was still a bit of ice in the afternoon, so a bit of a wary eye was needed. Homeward-bound looped round by Gorgate, then Hoe church, Woodgate, Pennyspot, Elsing, Sparham, Eade’s watermill, Reepham town (Neil Mc had ridden 14 miles to PC in the morning, so departed here for Kerdiston). The remaining trio pushed on to Salle Manor, Heydon Park, Itteringham and Barningham Winter to a split beyond North Barningham church.

Group: Graham J; Harvey; Mark; Neil Mc.

Distances: 55 miles to 68 miles.