Club Run to Hoe on 10/1/2022.

Six riders assembled at Pretty Corner on a benign January morning for the NNW club run to the Fork in Hoe. The route to the refuelling stop went directly to Corpusty, then via Salle and Reepham town, crossing Whitwell Common and climbing over the ridge to the Wensum at Lyng watermill, up the valley to Fustyweed and Elsing, descending to the Pennyspot Beck, clipping through the edge of Swanton Morley and the quiet lanes of Hoe parish before a final mile on the busy Dereham-Fakenham road.

On the ascent of Pennyspot Bank, veteran powerhouse, Neil S, the Erdington Express, demolished another chain. Three went ahead to the cafe, while three hung back to remove a mangled link and rejoin with a Quick Link. The conversation in the cafe hinged around chains, chain wear and optimum chain life. A heated debate developed about whether the main source of wear was bushes, rollers, pins or plate holes. On departure, obviously feeling the January heat, Graham A left his jacket in the cafe.

It was a comfortable tailwind ride back, by way of Worthing, Billingford, Foulsham, Guestwick (from where early starter, Neil Mc, headed the short distance home), Nethergate, Craymere, Briston and the familiar ways to West Beckham for the split.

One damaged and stitched up chain.

Group: Neil S; Neil Mc; Mark; Harvey; Graham A; Brian.

Distances: 54 miles to 69 miles.