Club Run to Coltishall on 5/2/2022.

Brian, Mark, Neil Mc and Harvey set out for No.77 Cafe at Coltishall on another windy Saturday. Obviously not satisfied that the lanes were filthy enough today, the small bunch ran across a sugar beet field carrying their bikes after only two miles on the road*. The morning ride meandered round a lot of lanes by way of Lower Gresham, Aldborough School, the shortcut past Hanworth Timber, Suffield Rectory, Felmingham, Swanton Hill, Sloley, Ashmanaugh and Belaugh Green. The group was supplemented at the cafe by former Wednesday supremo, Malcolm, who had ridden up from his new domicile over the marshes, via the Reedham ferry. The return route to Sheringham featured a lot of changes of direction to avoid the worst of a rising gusty wind and to enable a largely wind assisted last hour. So it was south initially past Heggatt’s Hall before heading home via Frettenham, Stratton Strawless, Buxton, Allison Street, Cawston Eastgate, from where Neil headed for home further west, Oulton, Itteringham, the Barninghams and a split at Red Barn Lane.

One slow puncture (thorn in front Gatorskin).

Distances: 56 miles to 68 miles.

*Two lorries and a sugar beet loader completely blocked the East Beckham to Gresham lane, tight up to the thorn hedge, enforcing drastic diversionary tactics. Despite following a route that passed close to the Cantley refinery, Malcolm’s bike was as clean as a whistle; an enquiry into this phenomenon is called for.