Club Run to East Rudham on 28/5/2022.

Only five met at Pretty Corner before riding directly to Stody to collect one more. It was then the familiar succession of villages to Hindringham and Great Snoring, the sharp descent into the Stiffkey valley through two of the Barshams, along the end of Sculthorpe airfield to cross the upper Wensum at Sculthorpe watermill, past the former railway station alongside the river at Doughton, over the ridge to Broomsthorpe and the steady descent to Jane’s Coffee Corner, where Rachel and her staff were their usual helpful and efficient selves. One Wheeler found a wallet on the village green, containing all sorts of cards and personal papers, giving the owner’s name and full address and showing that he was born in Brighton in 1977, but no sign of a ‘phone number; Rachel will get in touch with him at an address about ten miles further north west. The return route followed a loop round West Rudham and Rudham Grange, through two of the Raynhams, Whissonsett, Horningtoft, Gately, the high road above the valley, before descending to cross the Wensum at Ryburgh, the long climb over to Stibbard, Pedlar’s Lane, Hindolveston, Thurning (where Jim turned north for home), Crow Hill (from where Neil Mc headed back to base), Corpusty and Barningham Winter to a split in the diminished group at Red Barn Lane.

On a day of strong north west wind, the group were able to take advantage of a surprisingly high proportion of wind assistance.

The answer to Jim’s question about the composition of the group lies in his own description of the composition of the group. Neil S wearing a pink top (Maglia Rosa) is not the solution to this perceived problem.

Bunch: Neil Mc; Neil S; Jim; Harvey; Chris S; Brian.

Distances (for PC starters): 71 miles to 81 miles.