Club Run to East Rudham on 30/7/2022.

The club run to Jane’s Coffee Corner attracted seven riders, including new man Richard from Iceni Velo. The route to the Raynhams and the Rudhams rode into and through a band of light rain approaching from the south west. This recently rare meteorological phenomenon had passed over by 11.50 however, allowing the Wheelers to sit out in the open facing East Rudham village green. The return trip went via Whissonsett, Gateley, Bintree watermill, Foulsham, Guestwick (from where Neil Mc turned for home) and Tyby (from where Jim headed for home) before diving into some of the little known lanes in the Wood Dalling Triangle, en route to Corpusty and then directly back to Red Barn Lane for the main split. A half mile stretch of verges, hedges and trees along both sides of Heydon Road, between Cropton Hall and the shooting range, had been burned dramatically by wildfire during the recent tinder box conditions.

Group: Brian; Graham A; Harvey; Jim; Mark; Neil Mc; Richard.

Distances: 57 miles to 78 miles.