Club Run to The View cafe, Mundesley on 20th October 2021 

Strangely, only three Wheelers braved the overnight deluge, forecast strong SW winds and heavy thunderstorms to meet up at Pretty Corner, for Jane’s planned ride to Mundesley. Jane, wisely had passed the route onto Andrew B and decided to stay somewhere warmer and dryer.  Mark, however foreseeing the likely reduction in numbers had pre-planned an alternative 37mile route via Mundesley so Jane can lead her route another time, Yay! You can thank Mark later Jane!

After an earlier dry and sunny spell to fool the optimistic, 10:30 at Pretty Corner saw torrential rain and a howling South Westerly, surely it can only get better said the three wise men. Eventually it did get better and we saw blue skies and sunshine but that was after negotiating many flooded roads of varying and unknown depths (it were only half way up the ducks, claimed the yokel) also removing two large branches blocking some obscure road, only to have a motorist sail down the road moments later, oblivious of our good deed.

So our southerly route took us through West Beckham, Barningham Winter, Alby Hill, Erpingham, Colby, Bradfield, Trunch and eventually, after Graham’s shoes could take no more water, we arrived at Mundesley and decided to try the former Jonet restaurant, now The View. The food was tasty, but maybe smaller portions and a little pricier than usual. Surprisingly, by now the sun was beating through the window and drying out the Wheelers and their gear prior to the next and shorter home leg of the journey.

As we headed NW out of Mundesley, around Gimingham we came across another flood, which Mark as usual blindly rode into at speed, only to discover the water above his knees and it becoming increasingly difficult to maintain any momentum, eventually after much panic induced pedalling the water became shallower and dry tarmac came into view. Once his fellow Wheelers had composed themselves, they wisely took to the adjoining field to bypass the flood.

After that, the ride was uneventful, with Graham heading off to Cromer north of Northrepps, the remaining duo avoiding the flooded car under Crossdale Street railway bridge and battled against the ferocious headwind to Metton, followed by the downpour around Gresham, where Mark bravely turned north to Sheringham leaving Andrew to enjoy the crosswind to Kelling

PC to PC 37miles, 1575 feet of climbing and six waterlogged feet

Andrew B, Graham A, led by Mark

Club Run to The Barns Cafe, Great Walsingham on 29th September 2021

Three Wheelers met at PC on a sunny but breezy day, which in contrast to the previous week felt very autumnal. The route to took us through Baconsthorpe, Edgfield, Briston, Melton Constable, Hindolveston, Fulmodeston, Braney and Thursford Green. We then diverted from the normal route to Walsingham, through Little Snoring and Great Snoring on the old airfield road. At the café we were joined by Jane who had cycled separately. It had been determined beforehand that the café was only open for takeways, on Wednesdays, however, we were allowed to eat this outside and we enjoyed an excellent lunch despite the cold wind. After lunch we made our way back via. Binham, Bale, Gunthorpe, Brinton, Hunworth, Edgefield, Aldborough and Sustead, were Graham left us to make his own way home. The two remaining riders split at Gresham to go their separate ways too. Overall, a good ride despite the strong wind with the rain just about holding off.

PC to PC was 50 miles

Average 14.1 mph and accent/decent 2,100ft

Mark, Graham A and Jane, led by Andrew B

Club Run to The Banningham Inn on 22nd September 2021

Four Wheelers met at PC on a fine late summer day. We were also joined briefly on the ride by Ian a former regular, who came along to say hello. He told us that he started riding with the wheelers over 40 years ago! The route to Banningham took us to West Beckham, Bodham, Baconsthorpe, Hemstead, Edgfield, Briston, Corputsy, Itteringham and Ingworth. Although the roads were mainly dry, some of the lanes were sandy/gritty which made for some cautious riding. On arrival at the pub we found a table outside in the shade and enjoyed an excellent lunch with local ales. The route back was straightforward, going via. Colby, Hanworth, Sustead, and Gresham. Robert left near the end of the route to make his way home. Overall a good days cycling in fine weather.

PC to PC was 37 miles

Andrew B, Andrew C and Mark, led by Robert

Club Run to Jane’s Café, East Rudham, 15th September 2021

Four Wheelers met at PC on a surprisingly good day, considering the previous day’s unrelenting rain and the North Westerly wind was warm and had dried the roads completely. The first leg of this longer than normal ride was into the wind, through High Kelling and onto Wiveton, but then we turned South West to Langham, Binham, the Walsinghams to North Barsham. From North Barsham, Waterden to South Creake, uphill to Syderstone across the B1454 Docking road and down to East Rudham and Jane’s Café at exactly 30 miles. Here we found that the tables on the green had been removed for the winter but one was available outside the café and with an umbrella to shade us from the sun! The food and service was up to the usual high standard and once refreshed we set off for home. We initially stayed south of the A148, on the lanes through Broomsthorpe and Shereford to Sculthorpe Mill where we crossed the Wensum and then across the A148 to West and East Barsham and up the hill to Great Snoring. At Thursford, Jane headed North to Blakeney, with the rest heading East to Gunthorpe, Brinton, Stody and Hunworth, where Andrew headed home for an appointment with the dentist. That left just two to enjoy the climb up to Edgefield, then the run to Baconsthorpe, West Beckham and back to PC for a total of 60 miles.

Some route stats – We climbed 2785 ft/850m, descended 2785 ft/850m, 40% of the route was uphill, 40% was downhill and 20% flat.  If the uphill and downhill cancel themselves out, then 100% of the route was flat, see Norfolk is flat! Our ride time from PC to Jane’s was 2hrs 4mins with an average speed of 14.5mph, the return leg was 2hrs 12min with an average of 13.6mph, so cake does slow you down.

PC to PC was 60 miles

Graham A, Andrew B and Jane, led by Mark

Club Run to Reedham Ferry Inn on 8th September 2021

Seven riders met at Honing Station car park on a glorious summers day for this special ride led by John, including Danny a holiday visitor from Sheffield. Most had driven there, but Mark and Graham had both cycled from Cromer. The route to the Horning ferry took us through Dilham, Smallburgh and Neatishead. At the ferry we met Jane who had also cycled from home, and the bikes were loaded up for the short crossing. On the other bank we met Malcolm who had cycled from his new home on the Broads. We then all made our way to the Ferry Inn via. Ranworth, South Walsham, Pilson Green, Acle, Moulton St Mary and Freethorpe. We all enjoyed a good lunch and refreshments at the Inn on the terrace overlooking the river. 

After lunch Malcolm and Jane took the Reedham ferry, the latter to continue her short touring holiday. The rest us made our way back through Limpenhoe, Strumpshaw, Blofield, Pedham, Woodbastwick, Wroxam, Hoveton, Ashmanhaugh, Sloley and Worstead. Mark and Graham spilt of on route to ride home, a long day in the saddle for them! Although, the pace slowed a little as the heat began to take a toll, all the rest made it safely back. Overall a great ride.

Total distance was 51 miles

Andrew B, Mark, Graham A, Dave, Robert, Andrew C, Jane A, Malcolm led by John S.

Club Run to The Tea Post at North Elmham on 1st September 2021

Three riders, led by Graham A, set off southwards from Pretty Corner with a light following wind and a promise of patchy light rain. The route was mainly on country lanes passing through villages such as Baconsthorpe, Hempstead, Edgefield and Guestwick before reaching the Wensum valley at Mill Street having avoided riding  on the A1067 at Foxley and Bawdeswell. The Tea Post at North Elmham was quickly reached via Worthing and the group was soon enjoying the tastiest of coffee and home cooked food. 

The return route was on some unfamiliar roads and included the villages of Gateley, Gt Ryburgh, Stibbard, Wood Norton and Briston. Any drizzle was not enough to warrant putting on a waterproof and the ride was an uneventful but pleasing 51 miles.

PC to PC was 51 miles

Andrew B and Mark, led by Graham A.

Club Run to The Swan Inn, Horning on 25th August 2021

Five Wheelers met at PC on an overcast and rather cold day for the time of the year. The route to Horning, took us through Sustead, Northrepps, Trunch, Knapton, North Walsham, Worstead, Ashmanhaugh and Upper Street. A good pace was set by Robert with only a couple of stops. On arrival at the Swann we were disappointed to find that they were not serving lunch and a search of other pubs along the river indicated either no food or a long wait. However, sandwiches and drinks were purchased from the local shops and we ate on the green were we joined by our former leader Malcolm and John Dimascio for lunch. 

After lunch John left us to return home to Honing. The rest of us proceeded on the shortest route back to PC via Tunstead, Swanton Abbot, Banningham, Erpingham and Gresham. There were two punctures on the way back which slowed progress and as the northerly wind had picked up by then, the group split up to accommodate different speeds/routes home. 

PC to PC was 54 miles

Graham A, Andrew B, John S and Mark, led by Robert.

Club Run to The Three Swallow at Cley on 18th August 2021

Five Wheelers met at PC on an overcast but mainly dry summer day with light wind. The route to Cley, took us through Gresham, Sustead and Aldborough where we stopped to put on waterproofs due to light rain. This successfully put off the rain and having stopped to take kit off again we proceeded via. Calthorpe, Wolerton, Itteringham, Corputsy, Briston, Sharrington, Lethrringsett and Glandford. There were some challenges to navigation as the route kindly provided by Jane did not show properly on Garmin. However, with reliance made to good old fashioned map reading we all arrived safely were we enjoyed lunch in the pub garden. 

After lunch Jane left us to return home to Blakeney. The rest of us proceeded on the normal root back to PC via High Kelling, but with a detour to Kelling via Long Lane. Duncan spilt of for the route to Holt at the start of the lane and Graham left us at Kelling to make his way back to Cromer. Although the wind had begun to pick up the rain held off and hopefully everyone got home dry.

PC to PC was 40 miles

Graham A, Duncan, Jane A and Mark, led by Andrew B.

Club Run to the Rising Sun at Coltishall 11th August 2021

7 riders met at PC on a fine summer’s morning with strong sunshine and little wind.

We set off south to Aldborough and then towards Suffield and on to Swanton Abbott. We continued towards Worstead and Smallburgh before turning south west towards Coltishall. This was less familiar territory for the ride leader and one or two misreads of the Garmin, led to a couple of false turns. Having said that, the route took in new roads, unfamiliar to even to those riders who new the area well. Also unexpected for some was the level crossing on which a train barrelled past just after the team had walked across!

At Colitshall, we stopped at the Rising Sun for lunch. In glorious sunshine and at tables by the river, we enjoyed a very good lunch and chin wag, before setting off for the return leg. John S, who was close to home, peeled off at this point and the 6 remaining riders set off towards Tuttington, Banningham, Ingworth, Calthorpe and Matlaske. The breeze strengthened on the way back, being at various times a crosswind or a tailwind. At various points along the way Graham A, Andrew B and Stephen peeled off for home before Mark, Graham J and Duncan finished up back at PC.

Riders: Andrew B, Graham A, Mark, John S, Graham J, Stephen, led by Duncan S

PC to PC 47 miles

Club Run to the Victorious Cafe at Little Walsingham on 4th August 2021

Six Wheelers met at PC on a perfect summer day – warm sunshine and a light breeze. The route to Little Walsingham, led by Andrew B, took us through Plumstead, Edgefield, Hunworth, Stody, Brinton, Sharrington and Field Dalling. Unfortunately, Duncan had a puncture on the road to Binham, so the direct route was taken to Walsingham and on to the Victorious. At the Café were joined by Andrew C and were able to find a large table outside. The lunch and refreshment were excellent as always. Andrew B and Steve made their own way back from lunch. Jane took over leading the ride after lunch.  From Walsingham we headed north to Wighton (which Andrew had been planning to take in during the morning) then through Binham, Cockthorpe, Langham and Wiveton where the part-time leader peeled off to go home leaving the remaining Wheelers to head respectively for Cley, Holt and Cromer.

PC to PC was 40 miles

Graham A, Duncan, Andrew C, Mike and Stephen, led by Jane A and Andrew B.