Club Run to The Old Railway Station, Reepham on 4th May 2022

Three wheelers met at PC for a ride to Reepham on a muggy spring day with forecast of rain later. The route provided took us through West Beckham, Bodham, Holt, Hunworth, Edgefield Street, Corputsy and Wood Dalling. On arrival at The Old Railway Station we were met by Geoff who had made his way separately. We able to sit outside although the sky was looking very dark by this time. We all enjoyed a good lunch, but by the end light rain had started to fall. The route back took us through Cawston, Oulton Street, Itteringham and Matlaske, where Graham left us for home. The last two of us then made our way back to PC via. Bessingham and Gresham. Although there had been intermittent light rain, we stayed pretty dry apart from being sprayed by the odd farmers irrigation system!

PC to PC 47 miles

Average speed 14.5 mph           Total Elevation 1302 ft

Mark, Graham A and Andrew B leading.

Club Run to The Rising Sun, Coltishall on 20th April 2022

Six wheelers (including new man Chris) met at PC for a ride to Coltishall on a beautiful spring day. The route provided by Duncan (who was unable to make it), took us through Gresham, Sustead, Aldborough, Felimgham, Swanton Abbot, Worstead, Smallburgh and Tunstead. We made good speed despite the moderate head wind, although some diversions were necessary due to road closures.  On arrival at The Rising Sun we were able to sit outside and watch the boating activities on the Bure. We all enjoyed a good meal, with beer being the preferred beverage, albeit mostly of a low alcohol nature! John then left us to make his own way home. The route back took us through Little Hautbois, Baderfield, Tuttinton, Banningham, Ingworth and Matlaske. Chris and Graham A left us at on route to make their own way home to Aylsham and Cromer respectively. Overall a great days cycling along a great route (thank you Duncan).

PC to PC 47 miles

Average speed 14.8 mph           Total Elevation 938 ft

Mark, Graham A, Graham J, John, Chris and Andrew B leading.

Club Run to Whitwell Station, Reepham on 13th April 2022

Four wheelers met at PC for a ride to Whitwell Station on an overcast but warm spring day. The route took us through Hempstead, Holt, Hunworth, Corputsy, Wood Dalling and Reepham. We made good speed despite the moderate head wind. On arrival at Whitwell station we were met by Andrew C who had made his own way there. The sun had appeared by then and were able to sit outside. We all enjoyed a hearty lunch, which was served quickly. After lunch we made our way back to PC via, Booton, Cawston, Oulton Street, Itteringham and Matlaske. Graham A left us at Itteringham to make his own way back to Cromer. Again a good pace was made with everyone wary of the forecast rain. We made it back to PC before the rain which was fortunate as there were heavy showers a couple of hours later.

PC to PC 41 miles

Average speed 15 mph  Total Elevation 1,154 ft

Mark, Graham A, Graham J and Andrew B leading.

Club Run to The Barns Cafe, Great Walsingham on 23rd March 2022

Four wheelers met at PC for a ride to Walsingham on a fine sunny spring day with light wind. The route took us through Baconsthorpe, Edgefield, Briston, Melton Constable, Hindolveston, Fulmodeston, Barney, Thursford and the Snorings. Excellent progress was made in perfect cycling conditions with a tail wind. On arrival at the Barnes we decided to eat outside due to the fine weather and all enjoyed a good lunch of the home-made produce. Most of us decided that cake and another coffee was also required! After lunch we made our way back on the usual route through Binham, Langham, Wiveton, High Kelling and back to PC. The pace was a little slower due to a slight head wind and the climb up from Wiveton the usual challenge. Overall a great days cycling.

PC to PC 42 miles

Average speed 15 mph  Total Elevation 1,490 ft

Mark, Graham, Robert, and Andrew B leading.

Club Run to Coffee Shop, Aylsham Garden Centre on 16th March 2022

Three riders left Pretty Corner at a brisk touring pace hoping to beat the rain forecast for about 2 pm. The route went to Saxthorpe via Baconsthorpe and Edgefield. The road was closed by AW at Edgefield Street but the contractors kindly allowed us through if we carried our bikes over their trenches. The day was fine with a noticeable breeze in our faces as we made good progress towards Aylsham Garden Centre. On the way we passed Irmingland Hall before reaching Oulton Chapel and enjoying a ride through Heydon Park. There was an unplanned deviation (navigation error) which meant using some B1149 and a fast finish on the B1145. Aylsham Garden Centre was busy with the usual suspects but we found a table and enjoyed a good lunch before taking the cycle path south beside the A140 towards Marsham. We passed Bolwick Hall ( not sure how this is pronounced!), went over the Bure Valley Railway. Northwards we now went with a helpful following wind via Burgh to Tuttington, Banningham, Colby, Suffield Green to Hanworth where Graham peeled off to Cromer leaving the other two riders to reach Pretty Corner by their preferred route. And we did not get wet!

PC to PC 40 miles

Mark, John and Graham Aldous leading.

Club Run to The Three Horseshoes, Warham on 23rd February 2022

Three wheelers met for a ride to Warham on a windy but relatively mild winter day. The route took us through High Kelling, Wiveton, Langham, Stiffkey and Wighton. This was bit of a surprise for the leader as he had intended to come back on this route! However, this worked out okay and we arrived in good time for lunch despite the strong wind. The pub was very welcoming and we all enjoyed good food, with Mark tucking into one of their famous pies. The route back took us to Binham, Hindringham and Thursford against a strong head wind. As the proposed route then involved using a main road (whoops!) we returned to PC via. Gunthorpe, Brinton, Briston, Edgefield and Baconsthorpe. The skies were very dark towards the end of the ride but it held off. Overall a good days cycling despite the navigation errors and the strong wind.

PC to PC 41 miles

Average speed 14 mph  Total Elevation 1,722 ft

Mark, Graham and Andrew B leading.

Club Run to The Teapot at North Elmham on 16th February 2022

After much discussion about wind strength, four riders met at Pretty Corner. The ride leader Graham Aldous, who has a wind phobia, wanted to do the ride, prompting a view that his email had been taken over by impostors! It was a mild day with sun at times. There was a head wind on the way to North Elmham but apart from the open road to Corpusty there was shelter from hedges on mostly minor roads. The route took the riders to Foulsham, Bintree and Billingford. The riders enjoyed a “Danish” lake district view over the Wensum valley and flooded gravel pits en route to Mill Street and Worthing. A well deserved excellent lunch was enjoyed. The route back was easy with the following wind, but it did not help the steep ride past Bintree Mill. Andrew had to dismount after a missed gear. The route then took riders to Twyford, Foulsham and near Thurning Andrew picked up a thorn puncture while on his Thorn steel bike and Marathon tyres. The rain held off and the ride was enjoyed, even with the wind.

PC to PC 47 miles

Average speed 13.5 mph           Total Elevation 1,660 ft

Andrew B, Mark, Duncan and Graham A leading.

Club Run to Norton Cafe at Little Walsingham 2 February 2022

Four riders met at PC on a cloudy morning with a moderate breeze from the west.

We set off south, crossed the Holt/Norwich road at Saxthorpe, through Corpusty towards Thurning and Hindolveston and Fulmoldeston. Andrew B then punctured a rear tyre near Little Snoring. With great team work between Andrew and Mark we were soon back on the road. However, as we had lost some time, we decided to head direct to Walsingham instead of the original plan to head towards the Barshams and loop around via Waterden to enter Little Walsingham from the west.

At Norton Cafe, we enjoyed a good lunch and a chin wag before starting the return leg. We set off for Wighton, then to Binham, Langham and Wiveton, with weather, although still cloudy, a lot milder than in previous days. After the climb up from Wiveton, we continued across Salthouse Heath to High Kelling, across the A148 to Lower Bodham, West Beckham and back to PC.

Duncan S (leader), Andrew B, Mark, John

PC to PC 42 miles.

Club Run to The Courtyard café, Pensthorpe on 26th January 2022

Four Wheelers met at Pretty Corner for a ride to Pensthorpe on a milder and mostly sunny winter day. Good progress was made through Matlaske, Edgefield, Hindelveston and Wood Norton, until the group arrived at Little Ryburgh, less than three miles from the lunch venue. The narrow road was closed for tree surgery and passing was prohibited. So the disappointed riders had to go back up the hill to the Stibbard crossroads now followed by Graham (Duke of York, not). On the A1067, Pensthorpe was soon reached. The return route took the group north of the A148 to Little Snoring airfield and then south to Gunthorpe and Sharrington, crossing the B1110 at Thornage to Hunworth. Then a steep hill to Holt failed to slow Mark who always demonstrates an example of what is expected from relative youth. 

PC to PC 48 miles

Average speed 14.2 mph           Total Elevation 1,781 ft

Andrew B, Mark, Duncan and Graham A leading.

Club Run to The Two Magpies, Blakeney on 12th January 2022

Four Wheelers met at Pretty Corner on a cold but sunny morning with little or no wind. The route to Blakeney took us through Matlaske, Plumstead, Edgefield, Briston, Brinton, Sharington, Binham, Cockthorpe and Langaham. Unfortunately, the group spilt in two after Binham as the back two missed the turn to Cockthorpe, however both ended up at the Magpies at about the same time! On arrival we were able to find a table easily, which given the popularity of the Café was a relief and we were served quickly. The food was very good with generous portions (a little to generous when riding on!). The route back to PC was via. Wiveton and up to Salthouse Heath, were Duncan left us for Holt and the then down Long Lane to Kelling were Graham left us for home. The two remaining riders then continued up to High Kelling, and back towards PC via. Hempstead, Baconsthorpe and West Beckham. Although the lanes were very muddy a great ride in beautiful winter weather.

PC to PC 39 miles

Average speed 14.6 mph           Total Elevation 1,506 ft

Mark, Duncan, Graham A and Andrew B leading.