**Winter Club Kit Order**

To ‘welcome’ the first day of autumn we are putting in an order for some winter club kit.  Estimated prices (including VAT) are as follows (depending on number of items ordered)

All items have the NN Wheelers design
Roubaix long sleeve jersey £36  click here for link
Roubaix bibtight £42 click here for link
Winter Jacket £55 click here for link
For size chart Click here
Other items can be requested let me know.
If you would like anything let me know items and size by 15th September by email. I will confirm final prices, payment and collection details then.
Mike P

10m TT Thursford Fun Comp 28/8/18

Another good turnout and some good competition between the North Norfolk Wheelers and other local clubs including ten from East Coast Riders of Fakenham (mainly competing on road bikes).

The competition winners are as follows:

Overall fastest man & lady Graham Denny Kim Charlton/Amanda Marshall tied
**Fastest VET on standard man & lady Graham Denny (+4:31) Amanda Marshall (+1:57)
Fastest Club Handicap Time Philip West
Fastest on road bike (without tri-bars) man & lady Rob Kitchen Lorraine Jarvis
Fastest two-up (road or TT bike) Matt Whitaker/Sean Price
Fastest non – NN Wheeler rider (not a 1st or 2nd claim member) Jonny O’Neil

(Phil West you can collect your medal at the next time trial)

**For those who want to work out their age handicap (VET on standard time) click here:vet standard

The event was run at the earlier time to avoid darkness at the finish, however due to a couple of riders getting held up by increased traffic around Fakenham this is likely to be moved to earlier in the season next year at a later start time.

Thanks to the timekeepers, marshals and riders.  See you next Tuesday for the penultimate 10m TT at Pretty Corner.

28-08-18 10m TT Thursford Comp
Name Main Club Time Club Handicap time Notes
GRAHAM DENNY NN Wheelers 22:05 21.13 CPB
PHIL WATKINS NN Wheelers 22:50 21.08
LUKE PETTIT CS Velo Sport 23:18 21.24 CPB
JONNY O’NEIL East Coast Riders 23:52
ROB KITCHEN East Coast Riders 23:57 PB
CONNOR RUMBLES East Coast Riders 24:07 PB
CARL MACE Tri Harder 24:14 21.37
JOHN HAYWARD NN Wheelers 24:44 21.43
MATT WHITAKER/ SEAN PRICE Fat Birds/East Coast Riders 24:51 2 up road bike PB
TOM GRIFFITHS London Heathside 24:57
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 25:19 21.05 CPB
FOWLER East Coast Riders 25:29
ADRIAN JAY NN Wheelers 25:48 21.10
PETE FARRELL East Coast Riders 25:50
MARKOS JANES VCN 25:59 21.18
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 26:26 20.56 PB
AMANDA MARSHALL NN Wheelers 26:42 21.18 CPB
KIM CHARLTON Tri Anglia 26:42
CARL SAYER East Coast Riders 27:00
PAUL ELVIN East Coast Riders 27:15
THURGILL East Coast Riders 27:28
SARAH JAY NN Wheelers 27:46 22.06
SUSIE TOWNING TriHarman 28:08 22.06
LANCE WRIGHT East Coast Riders 29:30
KEITH BESWICK TriHarman 30:04 22.30
WILL DORSETT API Metro DNS Punctured warming up

10m TT Results 14, 19 and 21st August

A concentration of 10m time trials at this time of year at Pretty Corner saw the return of Will Dorsett (API Metro) with the second fastest time in recent years (20:42) on the 21st August, followed by Toby Morrell and Graham Denny. Luke Pettit continued improving with the fastest handicap time and a PB.  PBs kept falling over these races for a number of other riders achieving some late season form including Guy Thorold, Philip West and Nigel Walsh.


14-08-18 10m TT
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
GEOFF FROST Team Velovelocity 23:23
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 23:35 20:49 PB
JOHN HAYWARD NN Wheelers 24:22 21:25
CARL MACE Tri Harder 24:26
RICHARD COLLYER NN Wheelers 24:41 22:40
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 25:26 20:17 PB
ADRIAN JAY NN Wheelers 25:46 21:08
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 26:30 20:07 PB
SARAH JAY NN Wheelers 27:10 21:23
TIM DAYKIN Wensum Valley 29:13
J.VIDLER Plomesgate CC 30:13
19-08-18 10m TT
Name Club Time Handicap time
GEOFF FROST Team Velovelocity 23:35
JOHN HAYWARD NN Wheelers 24:16 21:25
PHIL HURR NN Wheelers 25:40 22:07
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 25:52 21:26
SUSIE TOWNING TriHarman 28:17 22:15
JOHN VIDLER Plomesgate CC 30:04
21-08-18 10m TT
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
TOBY MORRELL NN Wheelers 21:33 20:25
GRAHAM DENNY NN Wheelers 21:55 21:03
PHIL WATKINS NN Wheelers 22:44 21:03
LUKE PETTIT CS Velo Sport 22:51 20:03
RICHARD HERRELL Iceni Velo 23:24
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 23:26 20:51 PB
GEOFF FROST Team Velovelocity 23.36
CARL MACE Tri Harder 23:37
BULLEN TriAnglia 23:58
JOHN MORGAN NN Wheelers 24:27 22:16
RICHARD COLLYER NN Wheelers 24:43 22:42
TOM GRIFFITHS London Heath Deal 25:03
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 25:14 20:48 PB
JON MAYNARD NN Wheelers 25:46 21:29
AMANDA MARSHALL NN Wheelers 26:26 20:25 PB
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 26:39 21:09
JAMES SIMONS Tri Harder 26:42
BEN WALKER Tri Harder 26:44
ADRIAN JAY NN Wheelers 26:54 22:06
SARAH JAY NN Wheelers 27:30 21:50
TIM DAYKIN Wensum Valley 28:49
J.VIDLER Plomesgate CC 29:58






**Save the date** Thursford 10m TT Fun Comp 28th August

The time trials are proving as popular as ever this year and as part of this years schedule we plan on doing another Thursford 10m TT Fun Competition.  A TT bike is not essential!

Medals will be awarded as follows:

Overall fastest man & lady rider
Fastest VET on standard man & lady
Fastest Club Handicap Time
Fastest on road bike (without tri-bars) man & lady
Fastest two-up (road or TT bike)
Fastest non – NN Wheeler rider

(One rider one medal)

Usual club CTT rules apply see below for details

– Cycle to the Moon –

The club was contacted recently to see if anyone might be interested in joining a charity cycling campaign called Cycle to the Moon – Save a Dad.

Here is a link to their site:


They can provide campaign t-shirts to people who sign up and take part. Any support is greatly appreciated. If anyone has any questions please contact Peter Adams peter.a@thisisgoodwork.org

**Club Kit**

We are placing an order for new club kit next week. Planning on getting long or short sleeve skin suits, bib shorts, short/long sleeve jerseys and possibly socks at the moment.

Exact price will depend on numbers ordered but we expect it to be roughly as follows if we get 5 items of each (+VAT to be added to the following), so we will get exact price before confirming order.

Long or short sleeve skinsuit £53 short, £55 long
bib short & short sleeve jersey bundle £65
bid short only £40
short sleeve summer jersey £35
long sleeve summer jersey £37
cycle socks (minimum order of 10) £6

David Carrier will hold the stock and can be collected from him at a time trial or Cromer. If really not suitable when delivered then the club will hold the kit in stock for others to buy.

All will be printed with the attached design (with a couple of minor edits to be completed), with good pads and high quality zips. Sizing chart attached.

Please let us know what you want and size by email nnwheelers@gmail.com as soon as possible thanks!

Club Social and Awards Night 27th January 2018

On 27th January the club held their annual meal and get together at Upper Sheringham Village Hall.  Over 30 members attended and we had a great buffet meal.  Club Trophies for 2017 were as follows:

BAR (Best All Rounder) – Outright Winner – Mike Padfield
BAR – Handicap – Mike Padfield
Albert Lefever Trophy (fastest 25 mile tt on our course) – Charlie Nurse
Pat Ash Trophy (fastest 50 mile tt on any course) – Mike Padfield
Hill Climb Mike Kemp Trophy – Mike Padfield
Hill Climb Handicap Trophy – Mike Padfield
Zak Carr Trophy (Single event best 10m TT handicap) – Kim Morrison
15 Mile Outright Winner – Mike Padfield
15 Mile Handicap – Mike Padfield
10 x 10 Mile Handicap Trophy – Sarah Jay
Fastest 10 mile TT by a female – Kim Morrison
18.5 Mile Hilly Outright Winner – Charlie Nurse Course record of 44.48
18.5 Mile Hilly Handicap – Mike Padfield
David Killingback Cup (most improved rider) – Sarah Jay
25 Mile Handicap – Mike Padfield
Veterans 25 Mile Time Trial Cup – Nigel Walsh
Clubman of the Year – John Chambers
Chairman’s Award – Peter Laws
Peddler’s trophy – Trevor Neild

Thanks to Chris for trophy logistics and his presentation and good luck to those competing for trophies in 2018.

**Club Kit Clear Out Sale**

A few items left to clear. Fine to try before you buy. Email David Carrier if you want anything shortandcrisp@hotmail.co.uk

Two Kalas high quality winter tops, 2xl and s, (£40 to clear (were £95 each)).
One long sleeve men’s jersey size 3 (92-96 chest) £10.
One short sleeve men’s jersey size 3 (£10).
One pair overshoes 37-39 (£5 to clear)

Hoping to put in an order for new club kit in the next few weeks and will send info out to everyone when new supplier sorted (skinsuits, bib shorts, tops, etc).