Club Ride to The Old Railway Station – Leader John Dimascio 18 November 2015

Club Ride to The Old Railway Station – Leader John Dimascio 18 November 2015

With the weather forecasters predicting wind speeds of 40 + there was some doubt as to whether   the club run would actually take place. After a number of emails and telephone calls the decision was taken to go ahead with the proviso that we were all back by around 2.00 pm when it was predicted that the storm would be at its srongest. Seven riders assembled at Pretty Corner to join John D on his masterly ride to Reepham avoiding being blown off course by skilfully using the hedges to our advantage.

Shortly after the start, just up the hill and into the teeth of the head wind, we noticed that one of our party was missing. Unfortunately TN’s free wheel had decided to completely free wheel and with a conviction that would have won him an Oscar he regretfully said that could not come with us.

Now reduced to seven we hugged the hedgerows for some protection as the wind strengthened.

Finally, we arrived at the café for a welcomed break having ridden some twenty hard miles.

Mindful of the time, we left the café and rode to Briston with the wind still SSW so it was on our side but not in our face. After Briston the wind became a friend rather than foe as it now powered us home to Sheringham.

In conclusion a day that could have been lost was in fact won and a good ride was had by all.

Many thanks John

1 puncture, 40 miles, Weather: windy but dry