Club Ride to Pensthorpe WildLife Park – Leader Geoff Poulter 28 November 2015

Club Ride to Pensthorpe WildLife Park – Leader Geoff Poulter 28 November 2015

With the weather pattern similar to last week it was again a club ride to beat rain and strengthening wind forecast for later in the day. Unfortunately only three riders decided to brave the element for a club run that is normally popular with most.

We left Pretty Corner and rode straight into a head wind going down to Briston (riding the long way round via Edgefield). At Briston we rode round to the Beck and then along the long road to kettlestone before turning left to the Park.

At the Park DISAPPOINTMENT when we learnt that meals and hot food would only be served after 12.30 ! due to the pre booking of Chrismas lunches. So, sandwiches and a rouge bowl of soup later we were ready to ride again when MP arrived.

One rider decided to stay and another two agreed to head for home with the expectation that they would meet on the road somewhere – but they never did !. We rode home via Hindringham, Sharrington and then finally Sheringham. Getting home before serious rain and wind.

My thanks to Harvey, John H and Mike P for coming on the ride which was in less that convivial weather

Puncture 0, 49 miles, Weather: windy and very cold