Club Ride to The Crown, Banningham– leader David Carrier. 23 December 2016

What a nice day for a bike ride!  A tad on the breezy side but sunny, clear skies greeted the 7 who met at PC to follow David to Banningham.  David had cooked-up an unusual route which saw us cycle through the grounds of Felbrigg Hall and go up and down the coastal ridge a number of times.  It’s always nice when there are a couple of new lanes involved but this ride had a fistful of them.  It was basically north east towards Overstrand, then south east towards North Walsham before heading for Banningham via Colby.
Robin hooked-up with us as we approached The Crown and Malcolm was waiting at the pub for us.
Lunch was a leisurely affair with conversation turning towards the approaching festivities.  In this regard, David had to leave us to go to the cinema with his family.  As a clue to what he went to see – he had to swap his bicycle pump for a light sabre.
The group dispersed pretty quickly on the way back and only 2 returned to PC.
Great ride David – many thanks.  We have room for the mince pies now!
9 out.  37 miles PC to PC.  No punctures.

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