Club Run on the 6 April 2016 to The Goat at Skeyton – Leader Andrew Chapman

                 Club Run on the 6 April 2016 to The Goat at Skeyton – Leader Andrew Chapman

The weather forecast indicated light rain occasionally until 2.00pm and then a deluge after that. Notwithstanding this sober prediction seven club members met with Andrew to test the water on the club run to Skeyton.

Leaving Pretty Corner one member unfortunately punctured. Like dropping buttered bread which always lands the wrong way, the puncture was in the back tyre which always make life that little bit more entertaining. Puncture fixed, we rode to Itteringham and then up the hill to Blickling. It was here the weather forecast proved as trustworthy as a three pound note.

Down came the rain, if not in buckets then in rivers. The rain was coupled with high winds which were dangerous to say the least. 

All riders were however, for carrying on despite the rain and wind– there a tough lot in the NNW’S’ . We then rode down to Cawston, past the defunct Rat Catchers and onto Marsham where the luckless club member punctured again. Following this we rode to Buxton, Lamas and then Skeyton and finally the Goat. 

Lunch was excellent – first class service and food – we had the total attention of all the staff. Shortly after lunch it was back on our bikes and a wistful hope that the rains would stay away. Leaving the pub we went to Felmingham, Antingham, Hanworth, Sustead and Gresham. On route another cloud burst fell upon the riders as they neared home. 

Not the best of weathers – much talk about water proof gloves – but a really enjoyable route – one to do again in dry conditions. 

Thank you Andrew – may the sun shine upon you. 

Conditions: back to winter  

Eight riders out from PC: – Andrew, Trevor, John D, John S, Alan, Geoff, Paul, Mike (for a short while) 

Two punctures – one bike. PC to PC 40 miles.