Club Run15 September 2018

Club Run15 September 2018

With near perfect weather conditions six North Norfolk Wheelers met for an enjoyable ride to Pensthorpe Wild Life Park. Three came from PC who rode down to meet three more companions at Itteringham Bridge. 

From Itteringham we back traced a little to turn left to go past Mannington Hall and then left to ride to Corpusty. Here, we rode right round Horseshoe Lane and then up a hard hill to go towards Briston. Turning left we went down an aptly named Sandy Lane and then onwards to Hindolveston. From here we carried straight on past the now dubious sign’s saying “Road Closed”. With not so much as a workman resting on a shovel we went unhindered to Kettlestone where left at the church and onwards to Pesthorpe on the busy main road.  

As usual good service and food at the café where yet again we were able to sit outside and enjoy the last of the summer sun. Memories of our visit last year with Cycling Weekly came to mind. 

Homeward bound via Fakenham, Hindringham, Sharrington. 

PC 2 PC 50 with some posting 60/70




Out: Robin, Trevor, Malcolm, Graham, David C, Geoff

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Sportive Bike Ride 15 July 2018

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Sportive Bike Ride 15 July 2018


Finally, the day of reckoning was now upon Maureen, who had worked hard to regain some of her former fitness to cycle the 30 mile route on the NNUH Sportive and raise money for the hospital.

We arrived at the start shortly after 9.00 am to be greeted by Chairman, Chris Knowles. Scott with wife, Lisa plus son had also just arrived. Shortly afterwards joining this illustrious group was Ian Spencer, David Carrier, Christine Cooke and Nick Poulter. We missed saying hello to club member, Paul Stretton, who was by then already on the 100 mile route. We were, however, pleased to meet up with his wife, Dylis, who kindly took photos of the group, and wished us luck and a good ride.

After a brief pep talk from the starting marshall we were sent on our way following the white signs out of the hospital.

One factor that would influence the speed of the ride and also the stamina of the group was the unrelenting heat of the day, which made constant intakes of fluid essential.

We left the start going past Colney and then along to Wymondham passing near the infamous Kett’s Oak to ride to Suton and then along Spooner Row. By now all thoughts were on how far it was to the feed and drink station.

At the feed station we had a chance to rest and refuel before setting out once again into the blistering temperature.

We rode along the B1113 touching Hargate, Tacolneston where our orderly ride was enlivened by a couple of horse and carts’ riders clattering along the road, which needed to be overtaken.

Finally, we passed a sign post to Malbarton and then riding at last on very quiet lanes we made our way back to the hospital.

Kindness itself, all riders stopped to let Mo ride across the finishing line first.

Maureen writes “I am so grateful to all the North Norfolk Wheelers and their families, who came out to encourage and to ride with me. Thank you everyone for your support and donations”.

Footnote 1. Congratulations to Paul on riding the 100 in 5 hours 36 minutes.

Footnote2. As everyone enjoyed the day we hope to run this again next year.

Footnote 3. Latest indications are that Mo will have  raised just over £1,000 for hospital funds.





Club Run to The Barns at Walsingham 21 April 2018

Spring (Summer) appeared to have finally come with a warm sunny day hopefully marking the end of what surely has felt to be one of the longest and most miserable winters on record. Our journey on Saturday was to the Barns at Walsingham which is a particular favourite to the day’s leader and to most of the members.

At Pretty Corner we welcomed the return of Geoff the Younger from Potters Bar. Brian P also grabbed the chance of a few more miles to meet with us at the start. Then, down to Itteringham to pick up Robin, Malcome and David C. It was good to see David out again.

Our route was via Mannington Hall, Corpusty, Horseshoe Lane to near Briston and then down the aptly named Sandy Lane. We then turned towards Hindolveston when, wonder of wonders, we met Trevor and Guy. Excellent foresight on there behalf on the route we would take and the timing. 

Down to Kettlestone, across the main road and then past the round church to Walsingham. Here, we added on an additional loop before descending to the café.

 Excellent food and wonderful service added to the weather made for a perfect day and memories of the harsh winter start to fade.

Homeward bound via Hindringham, Sharrington, Edgefield and home.


Club Run dated 16 September 2017 to Walsingham Barns

Club Run 16 September 2017 to Walsingham Barns

Waiting at Pretty Corner was a new potential club member called Geoff, who lived in Potters Bar and had ridden (like the old club members Geoff), both with Hertfordshire Wheelers and the North Road Cycling Club.

Also, waiting was our latest recruit Alban, not put off by the soaking of the previous week.

The weather forecast for the day was however heavy rain and potential thunderstorms. Neither of these predictions concerned our intrepid trio and they set off to the pick-up point at Itteringham where we met Brian who was back from his epic journey to Spain.

We rode to Mannington Hall and then back ways to the outskirts of Briston where we rode down to Hindoveston and then Kettlestone to past the “oldest church in England” and finally, to the pie café.

After excellent lunch we rode back the standard route going via Hindringham to Sharington to Hempstead and home.

Rain ? what rain ? 

A good days cycling despite the predictions made better because of the two new potential Saturday recruits

Miles 50 for most

Brian, Geoff, Alban, Geoff




Robin Rush MBE

Robin Rush

The club is very proud to learn that Robin has been awarded an MBE in recognition of his charity raising efforts over the past 40 years.

Robin, who celebrates his 76th birthday next month, has raised more than £150,000 for good causes, ranging from Buxton and Lamas Sea Scouts, to East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH), by competing in cycling and running events all over the UK and Europe.

As well as running ten marathons, he has taken part in Cromer’s Boxing Day swim for 20 years and completed cycling challenges including riding 1,000 miles from Switzerland to Budapest. Last year he gained the accolade of being the oldest of 20 riders to complete the 1,000 -mile journey from Lands’ End to John O’Groats.

To add to this incredible list Robin will be raising money in a couple of weeks’ time for WheelPower (who are a children’s wheel chair sports charity) by cycling the Diss 100. If you would like to donate to this charity then you can either donate via his fund raising page or alternatively send a cheque to: 13 Pound Lane, Aylesham, Norfolk, NR11 6DR



Club Run on 10/06/17

From Pretty Corner three riders made their way to the Itteringham pick up point where a further three club members were waiting to join them.

With the weather brilliant for cycling the anticipation of a glorious tour of the lanes to the Rural Life Museum were high. And this run did not disappoint! The usual route down to Gressinghall was ripped up and a great clock wise ride introduced.

We rode from Itteringham to Corpusty (past Mannington Hall) and then onwards to Wood Dalling (the Bermuda triangle of many a club ride but not this one) to Tyby, Guestwick, Foulsham, Bintree Mill, Great Heath, Brisley, Bilney Bank and finally to Gressenhall Museum and refreshments. Here, the staff were cordial and helpful with the food excellent.

Returning (now with the wind on our backs) we went via Hoe, Woodgate, Elsing, Primrose Green, Collin Green, Greensgate, Attlebridge, Swannington, Cawston, Oulton Street, Plumstead, Bodham Hill and West Beckham.

This was one of those cycling days to put away in the memory banks and keep to remind us of in the more difficult days of winter.

Members out: Harvey, Brian, Malcolm, Robin, Nick, Geoff


PC to PC 61 miles

Itteringham to Itteringham 45 miles

Maximum 78 miles



Cart Gap 29 April 2017

Leaving Pretty Corner was a quite affair as only one rider was present. A quick push down to The Crown at Banningham found the welcome sight of Trevor ready and waiting for the off. We rode the “traditional” route to Cart Gap which was down to Tuttington, Swanton Abbort, Worstead, to Briggate, Honing, East Rushton and finally the café. Here, we found the court yard taken over by a large group of walkers and dogs plus one very large bloodhound. No problems though, they had been well fed so there was no wait for us.

After an enjoyable break we were back on our bikes for the homeward trek. The route back was via Ridlington to Bradfield where the two riders parted company. On reaching Thorpe Market GP spied the welcome sign of tea and cakes at the church where they were holding a craft fair. Double fuelled GP set off for the final leg to Sheringham having completed just under 60 miles.

Good ride, slight wind, no rain,

Roll of Honour: Trevor and Geoff