Club Run on 10/06/17

From Pretty Corner three riders made their way to the Itteringham pick up point where a further three club members were waiting to join them.

With the weather brilliant for cycling the anticipation of a glorious tour of the lanes to the Rural Life Museum were high. And this run did not disappoint! The usual route down to Gressinghall was ripped up and a great clock wise ride introduced.

We rode from Itteringham to Corpusty (past Mannington Hall) and then onwards to Wood Dalling (the Bermuda triangle of many a club ride but not this one) to Tyby, Guestwick, Foulsham, Bintree Mill, Great Heath, Brisley, Bilney Bank and finally to Gressenhall Museum and refreshments. Here, the staff were cordial and helpful with the food excellent.

Returning (now with the wind on our backs) we went via Hoe, Woodgate, Elsing, Primrose Green, Collin Green, Greensgate, Attlebridge, Swannington, Cawston, Oulton Street, Plumstead, Bodham Hill and West Beckham.

This was one of those cycling days to put away in the memory banks and keep to remind us of in the more difficult days of winter.

Members out: Harvey, Brian, Malcolm, Robin, Nick, Geoff


PC to PC 61 miles

Itteringham to Itteringham 45 miles

Maximum 78 miles