Club Run15 September 2018

Club Run15 September 2018

With near perfect weather conditions six North Norfolk Wheelers met for an enjoyable ride to Pensthorpe Wild Life Park. Three came from PC who rode down to meet three more companions at Itteringham Bridge. 

From Itteringham we back traced a little to turn left to go past Mannington Hall and then left to ride to Corpusty. Here, we rode right round Horseshoe Lane and then up a hard hill to go towards Briston. Turning left we went down an aptly named Sandy Lane and then onwards to Hindolveston. From here we carried straight on past the now dubious sign’s saying “Road Closed”. With not so much as a workman resting on a shovel we went unhindered to Kettlestone where left at the church and onwards to Pesthorpe on the busy main road.  

As usual good service and food at the café where yet again we were able to sit outside and enjoy the last of the summer sun. Memories of our visit last year with Cycling Weekly came to mind. 

Homeward bound via Fakenham, Hindringham, Sharrington. 

PC 2 PC 50 with some posting 60/70




Out: Robin, Trevor, Malcolm, Graham, David C, Geoff