Club Run to The Barns at Walsingham 21 April 2018

Spring (Summer) appeared to have finally come with a warm sunny day hopefully marking the end of what surely has felt to be one of the longest and most miserable winters on record. Our journey on Saturday was to the Barns at Walsingham which is a particular favourite to the day’s leader and to most of the members.

At Pretty Corner we welcomed the return of Geoff the Younger from Potters Bar. Brian P also grabbed the chance of a few more miles to meet with us at the start. Then, down to Itteringham to pick up Robin, Malcome and David C. It was good to see David out again.

Our route was via Mannington Hall, Corpusty, Horseshoe Lane to near Briston and then down the aptly named Sandy Lane. We then turned towards Hindolveston when, wonder of wonders, we met Trevor and Guy. Excellent foresight on there behalf on the route we would take and the timing. 

Down to Kettlestone, across the main road and then past the round church to Walsingham. Here, we added on an additional loop before descending to the café.

 Excellent food and wonderful service added to the weather made for a perfect day and memories of the harsh winter start to fade.

Homeward bound via Hindringham, Sharrington, Edgefield and home.