Club Run on the 9 April 2016 to Waxham Barns – A Pensioners Day Out

Club Run on the 9 April 2016 to Waxham Barns – A Pensioners Day Out

The weather prediction for Saturday would make the most ardent cyclist think twice before donning his wet gear and setting out on a ride. This, however, did not deter three of the NNW’s senor member’s team from deifying the forecast and setting off for a day’s enjoyment in the outer reaches of the North Norfolk lanes.

With only two members meeting at Pretty Corner the decision was taken to ride to the pickup point at Banningham. Meeting there was another club member, Trevor, who also had poured scorn on the forecast.

All agreed that we would ride to the clubs destination – The Great Barn at Waxham. Our route out was via Banningham, Skeyton, Worstead, Dilham church, High Hill, Brumstead Grange, Calthorpe Broad. Conditions were favourable going out with only a small drop of the wet stuff falling upon us.

Arriving at the Barns we were still relatively dry and ready for fuel.

Spirits raised by food and the thought of a tail wind most of the way home we set off on the long ride for home. Our route was Ingham, Happisburgh Common, Honing Hall, Briggate, Swanton Abbot, Tuttington, Erpingham.

Having said goodbye to Trevor near Skeyton our luck finally ran out and the heavens descended upon us in biblical proportions and did not stop until we arrived home.

Were we down hearted ? no , did we enjoy ourselves yes, were we wet ? YES

A fine route, taking us the back lanes to the Waxham – surely one to do again when the sun comes out and we are on summer bikes.

Average age: 70 

Conditions: Better than the workhouse. 

PC to PC 66 miles.

Role of Honour : Trevor, Harvey, Geoff