Club Run – 16 April 2016 to the Barnes Café at Walsingham – Webbed Feet Members Only

A tale of one club run but in two parts.

Not surprisingly, only two stalwart members of the club turned up in monsoon weather to ride to the Barns café at Walsingham. This was not a “mirror image” of the previous week club ride as the rain fell upon the members from the start of the day rather than later on. Memories of Wednesday’s club run became just distant dreams of warm weather, dry roads and sunshine. Determined not to bow to inclement weather however, the valiant two rode out of Pretty Corner to Edgefield, Briston, The Beck, Hindoleston, Fulmesdeston, Croxton, Kettlestone to Little Snoring, Great Snoring and finally, the café. On route the roads had become rivers and each member took it in turn to “paddle” through the deluge.

Cafes are welcome on any club run but surely no more than this café. A roaring fire, places to dry gloves, headwear and warm soaking wet clothes.

And the Pies are fantastic.

With many thanks to the lady with enormous pies we set off homeward bound.

By now the rain had stopped falling and warm sun was upon us with a tail wind for good measure. We rode home via Hindringham, Bale, Sharington, Stody, Edgefield, Hempstead and then home. An enjoyable ride quite in contrast to the outward journey.

A shorter club run than envisaged but at least we had miles in the bank. 

Conditions: Challenging

Café: Pies to die for.

PC to PC 45 miles

Role of Honour for the Webbed Feet membership: Kevin The Brave – Geoff Of Webbed Feet