Club Run – 23 April 2016 to the Small Sticks Café at Cart Gap

   Club Run – 23 April 2016 to the Small Sticks Café at Cart Gap

From Pretty Corner there were no takers for the club’s Saturday ride. GP rode a lonely furrow to the pick-up point at Banningham. On route he was treated to a hail storm and the now traditional heavy down pour of rain. At Banningham , better luck as two club members had braved the element – Trevor and a welcome return of Robin Rush.

Setting off we rode down to Tuttington where heavy rain fall could be seen in the distance. Then to Swanton Abbott where Robin started his own class of spinning. The reason for this was unfortunately his freewheel had gone and no amount of persuasion could restart it. It was a case of “all the kings horses and all the Kings men could not get Robin’s freewheel moving again”. Assistance called for we said goodbye to Robin and made our way to Cart Gap. Here, John H met us for lunch having already done over 60 miles.

Food gone and now into a difficult headwind we rode homeward via Ridlington, Edingthorpe Green, Truch, Thorpe Market, Hanworth, Sustead and finally home.

Conditions: Mix to say the least

Café: Good  

PC to PC 50 miles 

Role of Honour: Trevor, Robin ( part), John H ( at café) Geoff