60 Super Miles Club Run to Bircham Mill Café on the 7 May 2016


   We have waited months for a break in the cold wet dismal weather of winter and finally we got it on this Saturday. With summer bikes polished and summer gear on three club members met at the Park and Ride destination of Hempton for a glorious tour of the lanes of West Norfolk. On our travels we were able to see the Wash in the distance as well as view the imposing church spire of Sedgeford. Also, we saw the majestic building of Houghton Hall.

Best of all was however, the number of “new lanes”we were introduced to on this club run.

Our outward journey was via Shereford, Broomsthorpe, Bagthorpe, Stanhoe, Docking, Fring, Inmere, Sedgeford, Fring and finally, Bircham Mill and then the café.

 The pace was good on the outward journey and we were assisted by a reasonable tail wind. Bircham Mill is surely one of the cyclist’s favourite cafes – there is a good selection of food at reasonable prices and the service is hospitable.

The homeward bound route was via Houghton, Weasenham, Lexham, Litcham, Wellingham, the Raynhams, Oxwick and finally, Beacon Hill.

On this leg GP had the misfortune to collect a side slit in his tyre from an evil flint which effected a burst which could possibly be heard in Sheringham. This minor problem was soon rectified by a make do patch (thanks Harvey) and a long pump (thanks Barry).

With no more mishaps it was homeward to Hempton.

A glorious days cycling, quality miles in the legs as a reward. For those who could not make it, sorry this was a real cracker, but take heart, another journey to the West is already being planned.

Conditions: Brilliant

Café: First Class

Min: 59 miles

Max: 97 miles Note: This route also has the options to be considerable shorter if time is short or legs are tired.

Quote from Barry “reckoned it was the best ride he has had in Norfolk”.

Role of Honour: Harvey, Barry and Geoff