Club Run on the 1 June 2016 to The Queens Head at Foulsham

Club Run on the 1 June 2016 to The Queens Head at Foulsham

GP was late in arriving at Pretty Corner due to the need to change bikes from Summer to Winter mode. He assumed that the club run was well and truly underway and decided to continue on in the hope of meeting them near the lunch stop. He rode down to Briston on roads near to impassable. Also, a torrential downpour forced him to seek abject shelter under a tree which actually afforded him little protection. Further on he encountered fallen trees and more flooded roads but still no sign of the club run.

Over the Beck at Briston and then along to Hindolveston with the roads more like rivers than rivers themselves he continued. Soon it was turn left and head down for Foulsham.

With thoughts of bowls of hot soup and copious flagons of tea his spirit rose. In Foulsham he met up with kindred spirit Trevor Neild who broke the bad news that the pub was closed. Trevor had manage to enter the pub and found one painter and three barking dogs but no food or drink. Like a sketch out of Basil Faulty – its Wednesday so the pub is shut.

We decided to now try our luck at the Royal Oak which was opened especially for us. However, there was no food but the landlord did kindly make tea for us at no charge. He also gave an interesting account of running a pub including wakes, vapour parties and other such initiatives.

Time however did not allow us to reflect on such interesting subjects and we rode back to Foulsham and the spar shop where a cup of instant soup could be purchased.

Then it was homeward bound with Trevor off to Reepham and GP off to Field Dalling.

No sight was made of the club run who may have entered the Bermuda Triangle of North Norfolk.

In all a miserable days ride but good to meet up with Trevor and the homeward bound run was better than the outward ride.

Packed lunch next time we enter this area.

Conditions: Cold, heavy rain most of the way with flooding in many places.

PC to PC 42 miles.

Role of Honour and GOLD merit award: Trevor and Geoff

And From the Official Club Run: “The official” ride was barely better in fact worse due to two punctures on the way out.
Our new member Sue on a heavy old bike had a tough baptism (literally with the heavens open). She however is persistent and completed the ride.
I am told that there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing! The 1st June proved the exception to that statement.
Oddly though there was a sort of grim sense of satisfaction justifying double cake rations on returning home.