Club Ride to The Rising Sun at Coltishall 4 June 2016 Leader – Dual Act

Club Ride to The Rising Sun at Coltishall 4 June 2016 Leader – Dual Act 

With John D unable to lead the club run it fell to Trevor N and Geoff P to improvise a route to the Rising Sun at Coltishall. GP lead the first part of the ride to Banningham and then gleefully pasted over the baton to TN. This was when the ride really started and TN showed his knowledge of the lanes to the benefit of all.

From Banningham we rode left to go to Suffield and then towards Antingham where we turned down the long straight lane to Felmingham. At this point we turned onto the main road to ride round the back of the old airdrome before finally arriving at St James and the pub having by then completed some 28 miles.

At the pub we had the joy of sitting outside by the river and were joined by Maggie and Chris K plus John D making a grand total of nine out.

Time passed too quickly and we were once again on our bikes for the homeward journey. We rode right out of the pub and then left back to St James and then another obscure route round the airfield before going towards Skeyton and then Tuttington, Banningham and minor roads to Sheringham.

Many thanks Trevor for leading the outward ride. It was also good to see our friend Graham back with us from Leicester- always welcome on our club runs.

Roll of Honour: Alan, Chris, Maggie, Geoff, Malcolm, John D, Kevin, Trevor, Graham

Conditions: Warm and sunny on the outward ride – cold and overcast on the homeward ride.

50 miles for most – a lot more for a few