Club Ride to The Queens Birthday Lane Party – 11 June 2016

Club Ride to The Queens Birthday Lane Party – 11 June 2016 

By design, our club run for the 11 June coincided with the Queens official 90th birthday and the many street parties throughout the land laid on to mark the occasion. The North Norfolk Wheelers celebrated this in fine style with a “Drive and Ride” to Sandringham. For those who have not yet taken advantage of these club runs they are an excellent way of learning new routes on new roads without spending enormous amounts of time getting there. Your mileage can be anything from 60 to over 100 depending on how far you want to ride instead of drive to the start.

For this event, four Wheelers arrived by car at the village car park at Hempstead and one by pedal power for a glorious ride to the Queens estate at Sandringham and perhaps a cake or two if street parties were in full flow.

Our outward ride was via Southmill, Helhoughton, Rudham Grange, Houghton, Anmer, Appleton Water Tower, West Newton, Wolferton and finally the estate of Sandringham.

Sandringham was surprisingly quiet, as it appeared that the Lady was involved in another street party in London and was therefore not available. This suited us fine as we were served quickly at the café and in no time at all we were back on our bikes for the homeward leg which comprised of Vincent Hills, Pott Row, Gayton Thorpe, Litcham Heath, Tittleshall and finally, back to the car park. The homeward leg was slightly longer which was fine as we now had a light tail wind to assist us.

To put it mildly this was “A Great Royal Ride” and enjoyed by all who were able to come.

Hempton to Hempton: 58 miles.

Max: 102 miles.

Weather: Excellent

Roll of Honour: Barry, Ben, Geoff, Scott and Harvey