Club Run to The Butchers Arms, East Ruston – 20 July 2016. Leader, John Sharples

Hot and windy conditions were in the forecast for our ride to The Butchers Arms in East Ruston.  Nevertheless, 6 Wheelers met at PC to test their thermostats.  It was Hanworth, Thorpe Market, Trunch and Knapton before dropping down past Bacton Woods to approach the lunch stop via Crostwight. It was a super route, very pretty with a new lane – albeit a small one.  And it was hot, so we stopped a few times for drinks.  Normally a head wind is a nuisance, but not so to-day as it cooled us nicely.

There was a brief discussion as to whether we should sit outside in the heat and sunshine but sense prevailed and we dined inside.

The return to PC was conventional.  Worstead, Banningham, Colby, Erpingham, Aldborough and Gresham before a final push up Gibbet Lane.  As ever, the group split on the way back with the 3 riders who had ridden a fair distance to the start leaving at different points.  And the wind was helpful again – it was forecast to turn and it did, so we had another head wind to make it harder but cooling.

A lovely day out.  Hot, yes – but not unbearable.  The average was 15.2 mph which was certainly not too shabby considering the conditions.

6 out.  28 deg C at times.  41.6 miles PC to PC, but more for some.