Zak Carr Memorial club 10 mile time trial

Zak Carr Memorial club 10 mile time trial on the B10/5 – Tuesday  26 July – Bruce Williams reports
15 riders turned up to compete in the club’s annual Zak Carr memorial ‘10’ on Tuesday evening on the regular Pretty Corner / Holt course and benefitted from almost ideal conditions.  Whereas for the previous week’s club ‘15’ riders had to contend with ultra hot evening conditions – notwithstanding which Charlie Nurse achieved a course record on the Aylmerton to Holt and back course with the first sub 32 minute time – leaving many competitors gasping for air and liquid by the end, 7 days later and the evening was fine and balmy with temperatures below 70 Deg F and wind speeds of no more than 5-6 mph.  What wind there was appeared to be a cross wind so, unusually, there was no discernible difference in speed and times on the out or back legs.
North Norfolk Wheelers riders missing these fine conditions whilst on holiday included Nurse, John Morgan and Mike Padfield (John Hayward and Henry Woodley may also be away but I am not sure) but taking full advantage of the evening and the opportunity was NNW’s Karl Read who recorded a fine course personal best time of twenty one minutes and 54 seconds (21.54) of which he was justly proud, to take the Zak Carr trophy for this year, ahead of 2nd claim club member, Phil Watkins (of the 34th Nomads) recording a strong 22.43 in second place. 
Fastest woman was 2nd claim club member, Louise Marsden (VC Norwich) who recorded a course personal best of 25.12, but was not elated having been badly baulked by a turning car without which obstruction she would potentially have gone sub 25.  (These things happen with time trial events held on open roads – there is always another day!).  Louise is competing in the Diss and Dist women’s road race this weekend so hopefully this time trial will have been good preparation for the further exertion to come!  No less than 7 cyclists in all recorded personal best times or course pb’s, an indication that this was one of the best evenings of the club tt season so far.
The annual NNW trophy club ‘10’ is in memory of Zak Carr, a time triallist and national champion over multiple distances who, at the age of 30, was killed in October 2005 when riding on the A11 to work one morning, hit by a car when the driver apparently fell asleep at the wheel.  Regarded at the time as one of the top 3 amateur time trial champions in the country, Zak still holds a few course records in East Anglia (including the course record for the B10/5 at 20.07) and holds several tandem national competition records in partnership with Glen Taylor.  Active in coaching talented junior cyclists and working with partially sighted para-olympic cyclists, Zak was much admired and respected by his fellow cyclists in Norfolk and throughout East Anglia and is much missed.
Name Time Club Handicap time Notes
KARL READ 21.54 NNW 20.41 CPB
PHIL WATKINS 22.43 34 Nomads 20.17 CPB
NIGEL WALSH 24.14 NNW 21.28
LOUISE MARSDEN 25.12 VC Norwich 20.54 CPB
MARKOS JANES 25.41 VC Norwich 20.57
WALL 26.12
MARK HARMAN 26.54 TriHarman
THERESA HARMAN 27.14 TriHarman/NNW 20.47 CPB
ROBSON 27.34 TriHarman PB
GUY THOROLD 27.51 NNW 22.15
JAY 29.17 TriHarman PB