Club Run to The Chequers Inn, Binham – 27 July 2016. Leader, Robert Nixon

Scribe – Andrew Chapman.

Seven gathered at Pretty corner undeterred by grey skies and light drizzle. The usual suspects plus Graham from Nottingham.

Robert lead us off south to Maltask then to Saxthorpe, through Saxthorpe and past Little London, up Heath road and on south of Briston towards Hindolveston. It was on this road that a pothole concealed by a puddle caught Alan by surprise. Fortunately he remained on his bike but caught his undercarriage and will now be singing with the Alto section of the choir.

On to Fulmodeston with brightening skies and right at the cross roads to Barney. Across the B1358 via a cunningly concealed entrance to Station Road. As our resident wag John remarked we nearly missed the Thurning. Then at great pace down to Hindringham and to Binham. A none too shabby 15 mph to the pub. Good sarneys and beer.

The journey home was the direct route of Langham, Cley, High Kelling and Pretty corner all in lovely sunshine. A round trip of 37 miles.

1 puncture. Thanks Robert for an excellent outing. Those on the role call were John D, Kevin, John S, Alan, Andrew and Graham.