Club 10 mile time trial report 16/8/16

Club 10 mile time trial on the Pretty Corner – Holt course on 16 August 2016 – Bruce Williams
Just like the previous week, we had a great turn-out of 30 riders for the club time trial on our local course this Tuesday evening with riders enjoying sunny, warm and generally good conditions.  There was again a strong presence from the Tri-Harman club with guest riders, from a total of no less than 7 different clubs, making up the full field.
Riding his spare bike – not something he is likely to repeat any time soon – this was a rare defeat in a club time trial for Charlie Nurse, edged out by fast cycling police officer, Steve Gorbutt, of the Diss and Dist club with a time of 21.16, ahead of Charlie in 21.25 and Dan Blackburn (VC Norwich) third in 21.29, an improvement of 14 seconds over his time from the week before.  I did not get to speak to Steve at the finish, but no doubt he was pleased to get the win and a rare victory over Charlie. 
Fastest woman (junior) was Isla Rush of the Matrix road team in a time of 24.25, which is believed to be her pb on this course.  Isla rode this course in a 25 minute time a few weeks ago on a road bike, so using her tt bike probably improved her time by anything from half to one minute on this course.  She has recently returned from two weeks racing in Belgium so a top performance was very much on the cards.
Perhaps to be expected given the holiday season, there was a lot of traffic on the course this evening with a couple of riders blocked at the Holt roundabout turn and a couple of cars giving fright to the two marshals (as well as the riders no doubt) when apparently not seeing riders when the cars were entering the roundabout from the Holt junction.  We had no less than 3 warning signs and a marshal on the roundabout at that point as well.
I am told that a few riders were held up, and bunched up, by slow moving traffic (cars towing caravans and the like) in Bodham, not that this bothered Steve Gorbutt who, no doubt using his police road training (or perhaps he waved his warrant card at truculent motorists) managed to blast past the lot of them.  Perhaps they could sense the flashing blue light if not see one.
Rider number 2 from Tri Harman punctured at the turn but still continued to finish in a time over 40 minutes.  Using an emergency small pump, rather than the high pressure, high power track pumps that everyone uses these days, she repaired her front wheel and me, as the marshal on the front of the roundabout, shared my time for a few minutes between marshalling and helping her to get enough pressure in the tyre to ride back to the start safely.
Guy Thorold of NNW and Mark Wall of Tri-Harman seemed to be enjoying their race over the last half mile or so as they were nip and tuck to the finish. After catching Thorold for a minute, Wall was clearly stung into action when re-taken by Thorold, chasing his man down before launching a determined sprint for the line.  Anyone looking to set up a road racing team for the over 60’s should definitely cast their eye over these two.
Notable performances were recorded by John Morgan with a pb time of 23.19 – his recent participation in and training for tri-athlons evidently serving him well – with Mike Padfield also getting a pb of 22.45.  In addition to these two excellent rides, credit is due to Henry Woodley and John Hayward (both of NNW) with times of 23.45 and 24.02 respectively, whilst Bradley Nelson of QSW produced a strong ride and time of 22.17.  Coached by Dave Green, Henry Woodley is about to do his first ever open time trial, the VC Baracchi ‘50’ on the Bungay course this Sunday, so good luck to him for that.  He has done the training and has advice from both Dave and Laurence Wright so will no doubt be ready for this distance.
The evening time trials are proving ever popular this season and going well.  All riders are reminded to think of road safety and, very importantly, to use a flashing or constant red light at the rear of their cycles during the time trial.
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
STEVE GORBUTT Diss&District 21.16
M.RATCLIFFE Iceni velo 22.05
M.FARROW Pedal Rev 22.43
JOHN MORGAN NNW 23.19 20.52 PB
JOHN HAYWARD NNW 24.02 21.30
ISLA RUSH (w) Matrix 24.25
ROB COLLYER TriHarman 25.02
L.PETTIT Wyndy Milla 25.16
MARK WALL TriHarman 25.48 CPB
A.JAY TriHarman 25.54 20.49
SEAN ‘TAFF’ PRICE East coast riders 26.10
BOB CARTER VCN 26.45 21.10
GUY THOROLD NNW 26.50 21.14
MARK HARMAN TriHarman 27.02 21.10
TERESA HARMAN (w) TriHarman 27.14 21.00
E.ROBSON TriHarman 28.06 21.43
SARAH JAY (w) TriHarman 29.25
TESSA MORGAN (w) NNW 29.28 21.20
J.VIDLER 30.06
R.COOPER (w) TriHarman 30.44
S.BURTON (w) TriHarman 47.07 puncture