Club Run 11 January 2017 – Abandoned due to Wind

Only two turned up at PC forAndrew’s ride to Walsingham – if I am honest, it was two more than expected!  The forecast was for wind with with some heavy gusts in the afternoon.  The forecast was also for it to be dry – but it wasn’t.  We decided to curtail the route in view of the wind and planned a 25 mile loop that would see us back to our bases by lunch, thus missing the gusts forecast for the afternoon.

Off we set towards Baconsthorpe but, as we turned for Edgefield, we discussed the situation and decided to cut the run down even more.  The side gusts on open stretches and as we passed breaks in the hedgerows were troublesome.  We could feel them playing with our front wheels.  So, we headed off down to High Kelling to then wend our ways home.

It was possibly the shortest club run ever but we made the right decision.  Thanks to Andrew for turning up – we will re-schedule the run to The Bull for later in the year.

2 out. A few miles.  No punctures.