Club Run to The Erpingham Arms. 18th Jan 2017. Leader, John Dimascio

Seven! That’s how many met to follow John on his run to Erpingham.  And it was cold.  No temperature at all when we left, but no wind, and dryish roads.

Erpingham isn’t far away from PC, and so you have to think a bit about the route.  It’s also a chance to get creative and do something unusual.  John did just this.  The original plan (yes, there was a plan!) was curtailed a tad given the cold, but it was entertaining nonetheless and kept us on our toes. It did make us wonder why we were taking (what seemed at the time) so many turns away from Erpingham!

It’s best to look at the map to get a feel for where we went.  The bit parallel to the A140 through Ingworth and then on to Itteringham is the return leg.

A very satisfying ride in cold conditions.  It was good to get a full Club Run in.  Many thanks, John.

7 out.  37 miles PC to PC.  No punctures.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 17.39.18.png