Club Run to The Goat at Skeyton. 25th January 2017. Leader, John Sharples.

The trees were hung with ice – a product of the temperature and fog – very pretty, but somewhat disturbing when the weight overcame the grip.  The ice fell, sounding like a very local hail storm or it formed glacial features under the trees concerned.  As always, when conditions are like this, there is the odd question as to whether you should go.  But it was quite safe and the temperature was set to improve.  So, off we set for a 23 mile run to lunch via Cawston and Brampton.  Four of us met at PC and Trevor joined us for lunch at The Goat.

Conditions weren’t great, though – the fog hung around for longer than expected and we were damp and cold when we got there.

A straight line was selected for the return to PC – Banningham, Ingwoth and Gresham defined the route.

Despite the conditions, this seemed to be the day when farmers decided to plough their fields – lots of mud on the roads.

Still – the consensus was that it was better to go rather than not go – even on days like this.

5 out.  37 miles PC to PC.  0 punctures.  Some very muddy bikes.