Club Run to the Globe Inn, Wells-next-the-Sea. 15th March 2017. Leader, Andrew Chapman.

Yep, it’s spring – and a gloriously blue sky, light winds and dry roads greeted the five who met at PC for Andrew’s run to Wells.  Andrew offered us a choice of lengths but it was clear that the mood was for the 28-miler to lunch, taking in Holkham Hall.  Two riders sported short leggings; one sported shorts and one was overdressed (me).  Yep, spring.

It was Baconsthorpe, Holt, Hunworth, Bale, Wighton and then the 3 mile swoosh through the delightful Holkham estate.

The Globe was as welcoming as ever and John D was there to meet us on his Bianchi, making it two summer bikes out.  The roads were pretty dry – should have taken mine!

The return was Warham, Binham and Field Dalling before facing the conventional slog up to PC from Wiveton.

There are only three words to describe the ride; these are splendid, splendid and splendid.  Great route, great weather and great company.  But, we were a tad tired on the run back up to PC.

Many thanks, Andrew.

48.4 miles PC o PC.  6 out. 2 wispy clouds.

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