Club Run on 11 March to Pensthorpe

With the Wizard of the Lanes unable to lead this club run the baton was passed over to “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” to concoct a route to Pensthorpe.

Three left PC and rode down to the pick-up point at Itteringham where three more were waiting. One however, had pressing engagements elsewhere and he (rr) only joined the club for some 250 yards…..

For a short while we rode back towards PC but then turned left to pass Mannington Hall and then left to go to Corpusty. At Corpusty we passed the Duke ph and then a right to go down Horseshoe Lane and up a very steep climb to turn right towards Briston. On route we turned left down Sandy Lane and then left at the Reepham road to turn right to Hindoveston. A good pace was maintained all the way to Kettlestone where we turned left to the main road and to Pensthorpe.

With excellent weather we were able to eat “alfresco”. However, the imaginative menu of the café had on offer 2 meals for £12 for couples instead of the normal cost of £17. This offer was too much for two riders who decided to go into civil partnership and claimed their savings,

Meal over it was time to get back on our bikes. The return leg of the ride was through Fakenham and then up to Little Snoring to Hindringham and then Sharrington to Hempstead and finally Edgefield. Here, two riders rode off to the serenade of “I getting married in the morning”.

In all an excellent days cycling with wonderful weather and great companions.


But roll on next week and the return on the Wizard

Mileage 55 – 60


Riders: Kevin, Nick, Trevor, Malcolm, Geoff and Robin (250 yards)