Club Run to All Things Nice, Cawston. 22nd March 2017. Leader, Alan Fisher.

It’s 12 miles if you take the direct route from PC to Cawston but Alan’s rides are usually longish in the mornings with shorter runs home in the afternoon.  This was to be no exception.  We set off towards Aldborough into a stiffish south-easterly wind;  “Punishing”, was the adjective used by Robert – it impeded even when we were going downhill.  We continued south-east (remember the wind direction?) to then turn south near Skeyton and pass through Badersfield.  Then came some respite as we turned west to Felthorpe and then north west to Cawston.  It was 28 miles to lunch.  We were ready to refuel.

We knew that we would have the wind on our backs the for the return to PC.  It was no longer punishing but really quite helpful.  It seemed like we were flying back.  We pedalled up the climb to the coastal ridge from Itteringham at an unusually quick pace.  Could be that we are just getting fitter!

Alan had put together a really tasty route with variation in road types and a new approach on to how to get to Cawston.  It all worked very well indeed, so, many thanks, Alan.

7 out.  40 miles PC to PC.


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