Club Run to The Hill Top Café, Rackheath. 29th March 2017. Leader, Kevin Hornshaw.

Four Wheelers met at PC for Kevin’s ride to Rackheath.  The weather really couldn’t make up its mind as to whether it was winter or spring – we had overcast conditions at first which gave way to some sunshine and then back to overcast again.  Kevin had put a lot of effort and thought into planning this route and this was clear from the outset.  We set off towards Thorpe Market and then crossed the A149 and approached North Walsham via Bradfield.  It was then off towards Bacton to begin the scoot south via Honing and Horstead to Rackheath.

It was 32 miles to the café, where Trevor and Malcolm were waiting to meet us.

Gosh, they do serve big portions! Which was fine, as we felt we could do with some sustenance, but not so fine given that we would be pedalling at least 20 miles on full stomachs!

After lunch, we followed Kevin to Spixworth,  before turning north to Banningham for the traditional run back to PC.

A delightful ride, well led and well prepared – many thanks, Kevin.  Long, though, at 55 miles PC to PC – just as well it’s BST!

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 19.17.19