Club Run 7 June 2017

The Wednesday Run Club Captain set out for Pretty Corner on what was admittedly a bit of a blustery (and cool for the time of year!) morning. Perhaps Malcolm would have felt differently if he lived in Weybourne or Cley or other more exposed parts of North Norfolk, however with the prospect of sun and warmth later on he felt sure he would be joined by fellow Wheelers.

However PC was deserted and a quick call to Kevin in Sheringham revealed that he had been called to say that the ride had been cancelled to be on the safe side. (Note to self – remind the regular riders to exchange contact phone numbers).

Kevin was up for it so we set out via Upper Sheringham to the Crown at Banningham. We agreed that up to 30 miles would be about right. Our route was West Beckham, Bessingham, The Barninghams, Saxthorpe, Corpusty, Cawston, Oxnead, Tuttington. At times, particularly the long straight stretch towards Corpusty, it was slightly hard going but we knew that it would be so different when we turned to have the tail wind as we headed towards Buxton. With the wind the roads were drying out rapidly and there wasn’t much debris to avoid. We agreed that riding conditions were okay and certainly not hazardous and we were both happy to be out; however we understood the ride leader of the day’s decision to cancel.

After 28 miles we enjoyed a slightly later than usual lunch and then set out together as far as Suffield where we parted ways.

An enjoyable if at times strenuous run (sums up cycling really) – hope nobody went directly to The Chequers at Binham expecting to meet us!

Kevin and Malcolm

28 miles Sheringham to Banningham. A few more to get from home to the start point and back home again. (48 miles in total for Malcolm)

Note to self and others for future reference – check the Wheelers Facebook page before setting out on the day of a club run for last minute postings.