Club Run to The Three Swallows at Cley 23 June 2021

Words by Duncan – leader of today’s ride

6 riders met at PC for Malcolm’s last ride with the Wheelers before his move at the end of this month to St. Olaves. It was a glorious morning, with blue skies, very little wind and warm.

We set off south towards Edgefield via Baconsthorpe, crossed the Holt/Norwich road and headed for Hunworth. From there we pedalled through Stody and Brinton, crossing the A148 near Sharrington. There were a few sand and gravel patches on the lanes following the rain last week and at the weekend, but all were negotiable with care, no-one came off or punctured and the Norfolk countryside looked wonderful in the strong June sunshine.

We continued on through Bale and Hindringham and then the group made a decision that rather than loop round to Wighton, Warham and Binham as originally planned, we would head straight to Binham. The decision was partly driven by the fact that a big party was due to arrive at the pub in Cley at 1pm and we wanted to get in first!

On the straight run down to Binham a couple of riders took the opportunity for a bit of a sprint, the team regrouping for the climb to Langham. Then the decent to Wiveton and on to Cley for lunch. Andrew C joined us, having made the long trek on foot from his house round the corner! We hope to see him back on the Club Runs before too long.

After a satisfying lunch in the garden of The Three Swallows, Jane and Andrew C set off for home and the 5 remaining riders climbed to High Kelling and crossed the A148 to Lower Bodham. A few miles after this, Malcolm and Mark peeled off to head for home. Robert, Kevin and Duncan S headed for Upper Sheringham, dropped down to the coast past Kevin’s House and then Robert turned right for home at the Coast Road junction and Duncan turned left to head for Holt on the A149.

We all thank Malcolm very much for his leadership over the years and wish him all the very best for the house move at the end of this month. We also thank Andrew B for taking up the mantle and wish him all the best in that endeavour.

Riders: Malcolm, Mark, Jane, Robert, Kevin, led by Duncan S

PC to PC 31 miles (54 miles max)

Note from Editor

Not only was this my last Club ride for a while but also my last as “Editor in Chief” of the Wednesday Run reports! I have really enjoyed organising the Wednesday Runs over the last 4 years but of course they wouldn’t be fun without a great bunch of people – thank you! I hope that I’ll be able to join you on a Club Run from time to time. I’ll keep in touch and will certainly be keeping my eye on the NNWCC website.

Club Run to The Station Cafe, Reepham 2 June 2021

A shame that only 3 Wheelers could make it for Malcolm’s ride as this was one very sunny and very warm day.

A fairly conventional clockwise route, Gresham, Aldborough, Erpingham, Ingworth, Aylsham, Oulton Street, a brief foray on the B1149 before taking a left and following the Heydon Road as far as the Cawston turn. A multitude of cyclists came towards us as we made our way to Cawston – difficult to tell if they were all in the same group – well doesn’t really matter if they were – outside groups of up to 30 are now allowed!

Tempting as it was to stop at All Things Nice we turned off before the Village Centre to follow the Booton Road, which is more of a lane, which Mark reminded Malcolm is normally a bit on the gravelly and sandy side; it was, but as the road surface was bone dry it just needed a bit of extra care as we made our way to the T-junction. After Booton we soon arrived at Reepham and we wound our way through the centre of the busy Market Town to our lunchtime destination.

We were joined by John D and Robert and Janet and we wisely sat in the shade on the platform side of the cafe and enjoyed a great lunch with the usual great service.

The original 3 set off for the straight run up to Briston via Salle, Wood Dalling and Thurning. As we headed for Edgefield we spotted Geoff at the roadside fixing a puncture. The four of us pedalled the long drag up to Geoff’s Corner where he left us and we continued to Plumstead and Plumstead Green and then followed the Barningham Road to its junction with Plum Lane. Malcolm descended to Gresham and then Hanworth and home leaving two to complete the circuit to PC.

Andrew B, Malcolm, Mark

40 miles PC to PC (60 miles max)

Please note that from 9th June onwards Wednesday Runs will be advertised in the normal way on the website and will be open to all who can make it on the day

Club Run to The Victorious Cafe at Little Walsingham 26 May 2021

Words by Duncan who was leader for today’s ride

4 riders met at PC on a windy morning, with a promise of a little rain late morning.

We set off south with a moderate westerly cross wind, crossed the Holt/Norwich road at Saxthorpe, through Corpusty towards Thurning and Hindolveston, the cross wind now a headwind. Graham J then punctured a rear tyre at the end of Sandy Lane. Tube quickly and efficiently fixed with the aid of some elbow grease on the pump from Mark, we got about 100m  further and a few drops of rain began to fall. It didn’t look much, but we decided to stop again to don rain jackets.

This proved to be a wise decision because by the time we reached Hindolveston the rain had become steady and with a strengthening head wind the cycling became interesting. On to Fulmodeston, across the A148 to Little Snoring and then Great Snoring, the rain showing no signs of letting up. The original plan to head towards the Barshams and loop around via Waterden to enter Little Walsingham from the west was abandoned in favour of a short run direct to Little Walsingham and lunch.

Arriving at Victorious Cafe, they fortunately had a table inside although we had to chain our bikes to the railings on the green opposite as the rear of the cafe was closed due a swarm of bees! Thanks to Graham A for the use of a natty telescopic wire lock round all 4 bikes. The intrepid four sat gently steaming in the warm, refuelling with an excellent lunch, before setting off for the return leg. Fortunately all the bikes and wheels were still there although it was still raining and felt very cold at first. Although we now had a tailwind, it was much less strong than the earlier headwind (typical!). On to Binham, Langham and Wiveton, by which time the rain had finally stopped. Then at the top of Bridgefoot Lane/Holt Road, Graham J punctured again, this time the front tyre.

Puncture fixed and after a passing car driver stopped to ask us about the Wheelers (we may soon have a new member!), we set off across Salthouse Heath and down to Kelling, where the two Grahams peeled off to head for home on the coast road. Duncan and Mark climbed the hill from Kelling to High Kelling, across the A148 to Lower Bodham, then West Beckham and back to PC.

Duncan S (inaugural ride as leader), Graham A, Graham J, Mark.

PC to PC 42 miles.

Club Run to Dollies Bakery at Coltishall 19 May 2021

Five Wheelers met at PC for Robert’s ride on a bright and not too breezy Wednesday morning!

We set off for Metton and after a longish drag with a head/cross wind up to Felbrigg eventually reached Southrepps via Crossdale Street and Northrepps. At Trunch we crossed to Knapton followed by Old Hall Street and Edingthorpe Green. Heading towards North Walsham on the North Walsham Road we took a left into Mill Road to follow the narrow lanes to Spa Common, White Horse Common, Meeting House Hill and (crossing the A149) Bengate.

After Worstead we wound our way along more lanes to Market Street at Tunstead. Now there is more than one Tunstead Road in Tunstead but we chose the one that crosses the railway line and then descends to The White Lion Road at St James. There had clearly been a recent heavy shower at Coltishall and we were lucky to miss it!

The sun came out as we arrived at Dollies and we enjoyed some real late spring warmth as we sat outside refuelling with coffee and baps.

On the return leg it was a straight run to Badersfield and then Skeyton, Tuttington and Banningham. At the B1145 there was the first split as Malcolm turned for North Walsham and home. The remainder of the group continued on to The Crown where Graham peeled off to head due north towards Cromer. The trio pedalled on to Ingworth and Wickmere but as they approached Sustead decided to split 3 ways and follow their particular routes home.

Many thanks to Robert for leading the ride and best wishes to those who were unable to join us today but I know would like to have done.

Duncan S, Graham A, Malcolm, Mark, Robert

PC to PC 46 miles

Club Run to The Lighthouse Inn at Walcott 12 May 2021

With a growing injury list and otherwise unavailable the Wednesday Wheelers were able to field a team of only 4 for Malcolm’s ride to the Coast. It was great to see Stephen who had cycled over from Wells to see us off – he then headed back to the North Coast.

Best wishes to all those confined to the sidelines and we look forward to seeing you back in the saddle soon!

The outward leg followed a clockwise route taking in Metton, Crossdale Street, Northrepps, Southrepps, Lower Street, Bradfield and on to Swafield (not as cross country as it sounds but more of that later!)

We took a right off the B1145 Mundesley Road to follow quiet lanes towards Edingthorpe but before reaching there turned left to eventually join the Coast Road at Paston Green quickly passing the Gas Terminal and swooping down to the coast itself at Bacton.

The group seemed slightly puzzled as Malcolm paused for a sea view from the “promenade” at Walcott but it was also an opportunity to check with them that an early lunch was a better idea than an extra loop. After unaminous agreement we arrived at The Lighthouse 5 minutes later as the first lunchtime customers. We had ridden 22 miles since the start so enough to work up a reasonable thirst and appetite.

After a good lunch and equally good service we set off for Ridlington with the intention of following the North Walsham Road as far as the turn for Crostwight and on to Honing. Recent surface dressing with still wet bitumen scuppered that so we continued on to Ebridge Mill and then via Meeting House Hill to Bengate, Lyngate, Worstead, Swanton Abbott, Skeyton, Tuttington, Dunkirk (after a bit of cross country), Drabblegate and then the main cross country event of the day as we trudged along at the field’s edge to avoid the larger than ever flood. Perhaps Ingworth would have been a better choice or perhaps it’s about time the drainage problem on this stretch of road was sorted out.

After Erpingham and Calthorpe we pedalled on to Thurgarton, via Aldborough Saint Mary’s Church, where there was a 3 way split with one going straight to Cromer, two going left to Bessingham and PC and the other taking his chances with the wandering cattle at Hanworth.

Andrew B, Graham A, Graham J, Malcolm

PC to PC 45 miles (62 miles max)

Club Run to The Station Cafe at Reepham 28 April 2021

This week’s ride to Reepham was Malcolm’s last as “Captain” of the Wednesday group – Andrew B will take over the reins from 5th May – so it seemed appropriate for him to also lead to the ever popular Station Café.

Aided by the north-easterly we literally sped down to Little Barningham before cutting across to Barningham Green and Edgefield. After Briston we negotiated Melton Constable – quite literally as there was heavy agricultural machinery plus an articulated truck vying for right of way on the narrow road. We were soon on the open road again and made our way towards Hindolveston and thereafter Foulsham.

As we changed direction at this point it was inevitable that it would be slightly harder going but we managed to stay together and reached Pettywell via Themelthorpe, Two riders had pedalled ahead and despite our shouts of “Left , Left” they carried on to the main Reepham Road to complete their journey to the Café. The remainder of the group were treated to a more picturesque loop around Kerdiston.

25 miles on the outward leg and we had made quite good time. Geoff P was there to join in the banter and we enjoyed a great lunch in the warm sunshine, the old station building sheltering us from the brisk and cool wind.

One half of the (slightly) expanded group decided on an alternative route back to PC and the Coast – to be fair one had things to do, one was knackered, one had miles more to go after PC and the last one fancied an early bath – the other half set off for Booton and on to Cawston, Oulton Street, Silvergate, Ingworth, Calthorpe and Wickmere.

At Thurgarton Malcolm said his goodbyes and turned towards Hanworth and home while the remaining trio rode back to PC completing the circuit.

A great day out again!

Andrew B, Duncan S, John S, Malcolm, Mark, Robert, Stephen

PC to PC 46 miles

Club Run to The Lighthouse at Walcott 21 April 2021

With a reasonably strong wind blowing in from the NE and the prospect of an al freso lunch break it wasn’t surprising that the 4 Wheelers that met at PC were dressed more for a late Autumn rather than a Spring ride.

Malcolm led the group through Gresham and on to Matlaske, Erpingham, Colby, Banningham, Tuttington, Westwick, Swanton Abbott and Worstead. We had maintained a good pace for the first 20 miles but the final 7 miles of the outward leg was into that north-easterly! Sadly the daffodils lining the sides of Honing Long Lane are now past their best but the North Norfolk countryside was still looking splendid in the bright sunshine and after Crostwight we wound our way through the lanes to Ridlington and finally to our lunchtime destination.

The Lighthouse has, of course, all of the expected COVID safety measures in place but it was great to be able to sit in a pub garden again and the service and food was of good quality. Certainly a venue to keep on the list even though it will be a lot busier in the summer season.

Suitably refuelled and heading straight into the wind we followed the Coast Road to the seafront where a surprising number of daytrippers were parked up and enjoying their stroll along the beach. Heads down we eventually turned off the Coast Road at Bacton to climb the short hill to Bacton Village and then more quiet lanes to Edingthorpe, Paston Green, Knapton and Trunch. After Southrepps and Northrepps, Malcolm left the group to turn towards Crossdale Street and the 3 others descended to Cromer and their various routes home. Malcolm continued on to Metton, Hanworth and Banningham so not quite completing the circuit back to PC.

Andrew B, Graham A, Malcolm, Robert

Various distances covered with a max of 64 miles. PC to PC (would have been) 46 miles

Club Run to Little Walsingham 14 April 2021

Words by Andrew B

Five Wheelers, Duncan, Robert, Graham, Stephen and leader for the day Andrew B met at PC for a ride to Walsingham.

The route zig-zagged towards Binham, taking in Plumstead, Edgefield, Stody, Brinton and Sharrington. The weather was colder than expected with some clouds and a headwind.

Stephen had a puncture just after Sharrington, however the delay proved to be fortunate as there was evidence of rain having fallen when we resumed through Field Dalling. After Binham the route took us through Wighton and finally to Little Walsingham for lunch at The Victorious where we met up with Geoff. This is a new venue for the Wheelers which has a good sized garden and the food/drinks were excellent. Luckily the weather by then was improving and we were sheltered from the wind.

After lunch Stephen headed back home and the remainder of us carried on to Binham via Hindringham. Strangely the wind was against us again having swung round!

After some discussion at Binham it was decided not to return to PC and we headed towards Stiffkey and then looped back to Langham. As the weather was by then a lot warmer and the wind had eased, it was decided to head towards Cley via Wiveton and then along the Coast Road towards Weybourne. At Weybourne Andrew and Duncan pedalled towards Holt, leaving the others to continue towards home on the Coast Road.

There was no return to PC but the distance was estimated at 47 miles.

Note from Malcolm

Many thanks to Andrew B for leading today’s ride. Sorry I couldn’t join you and I hope to be out again next week.

Club Run to Coltishall 7 April 2021

3 Wheelers met at PC for Malcolm’s ride to Coltishall,

The route followed a clockwise direction taking in Metton, Thorpe Market, Lower Street, Swafield, Edingthorpe, Honing, Dilham, Smallburgh, Anchor Street, Tunstead and more quiet lanes to our lunctime destination – the peace and tranquility only briefly disturbed by the horn of an approaching goods train as we waited to cross!

Our original plan for refreshments at Dollies Bakery was changed as it was closed due to illness so we carried on to A Piece of Cake where the friendly staff served up welcome coffee and baps – shame it was a bit on the chilly side for al freso snacking!

The return leg was slightly heavier going than the outward as we now had to battle against the north-westerly but it wasn’t too bad. After Buxton we headed towards Cawston and Malcolm left the group at Eastgate to join the Trans-Norfolk Highway. With the wind gradually turning he enjoyed a tailwind home while the remaining duo had no choice but to continue north-westerly towards Holt.

This week the circuit was not completed as no one returned to PC. The individual mileages for the day including the journeys to PC were:

Andrew B 57 miles; Duncan 61 miles; Malcolm 59 miles

So Duncan wins this week’s gold star!

Club Run to The Station Cafe, Reepham 31 March 2021

5 Wheelers met at PC for the first ride of the season in glorious sunshine and it would remain like that for most of the ride – just a few clouds in the afternoon attempting to spoil the fun.

Malcolm set out at a reasonably strong pace perhaps testing his own as much as anybody else’s legs!

The route was through the lanes and minor roads to Gresham, Thurgarton, Erpingham, Ingworth and Aylsham before joining the A140 for a short sprint to Marsham. Much to everyone’s relief we left the main road to follow High Street through Marsham and to the Buxton Road. It was then a straight run to Booton before the final mile or so to our refreshment stop.

Although still retricted to offering a takeaway service the friendly staff at The Station Cafe served up some welcome coffee, cake and baps. It was busy and in amongst the crowd we spotted Andrew C and Geoff who came over to say a socially distanced hallo.

Andrew C (on his rather smart e-bike) joined us for the return leg which was a familiar path to Salle, Wood Dalling, Thurning and Briston. En route Andrew couldn’t resist a smile as he demonstrated the advantage of turbo power on the uphill sections! At Briston there was a two way split, one half heading towards the coast and the other to Edgefield.

At Edgefield Malcolm opted for a direct cross country (not off-road btw) route home via Barningham Green, Erpingham, Colby and Suffield leaving just two to complete the circuit back to PC.

Great to be out with the group again and reassuring that we have not lost our social skills or sense of humour!

Andrew B, Duncan, John S, Malcolm, Stephen and Andrew C

37 miles PC to PC (56 miles max)

Just to say again that the group number for Wednesdays will be limited to 6 members for the time being even though the latest British Cycling guidelines state that up to 15 members can meet for rides organised by affiliated Clubs under the “organised sports exemption” rule.