Club Run to Norton’s Cafe at Walsingham 16 September 2020

Words by Andrew B

This was the first ride under the new COVID-19 ‘Group of 6’ regulations. Unfortunately, Robert had to drop out at the last moment due to illness so 5 Wheelers set off from PC for today’s ride to Walsingham.

Due to the closure of the A148 following an accident, the leader (Andrew B) and Duncan only just made it to the start in time.

The 23 mile route to Walsingham went through Plumstead, Edgefield, Briston, Thorney, Binham and Wighton on mostly quiet country lanes. The weather started sunny but clouded over as forecast and most riders were wearing slightly warmer clothing than of late.

This was also the first lunchtime cafe stop since lockdown at one of the club favourites, Norton’s Cafe. There were no problems at the cafe (who were very welcoming) and lunch was a good standard as normal. Of course we all maintained social distancing and filled in a track and trace form.

The ride back, under a darkening sky, was the normal route through Binham, Wiveton and up to High Kelling, where Andrew B left the group to return to PC.

Alan, Andrew B, Duncan, Graham A and John S

Total distance PC to PC was 40 miles.

Club Run 9 September 2020

Six Wheelers set off from PC lead by Robert into a fairly brisk westerly for a slightly different Wednesday club ride.

As the lunchtime venue was in West Runton (and therefore close to PC) it was decided to have a longer than normal outward leg and then after an al fresco lunch we would each make our ways back home.

The very pleasant route, interrupted only by large agricultural machinery, a tree felling and a split sidewall puncture, took us firstly to Baconsthorpe and then Melton Constable. We turned directly south towards Hindolveston and thereafter passed through Thurning and Corpusty before taking the narrow and winding lanes to Itteringham. We followed the course of the River Bure to Ingworth and then via Scarrow Beck to Wickmere, Sustead, Aylmerton and the descent of Beacon Hill to a well earned lunch after some 35 miles!

In his garden and in the sunshine Robert treated us to his signature Nigerian kidney bean and peanut sauce stew and homemade bread – perfect!

After discussing options for keeping the Wednesday Rides going while still keeping within the current COVID-19 guidelines and soon to be introduced legal requirements we followed our own routes home.

Many thanks to Robert for working out a great route and for his hospitality.

Andrew B, Andrew C, Duncan, Graham J, Malcolm, Robert

35 miles PC to PC (50 – 60 miles for some)

Club Run 2 September 2020

John’s Story

10 signed-up for John’s ride to Honing.  It was nice to see interest on this scale so we had to find a way of accommodating all.  A telephone call between Malcolm and John discussed options and, since Malcolm’s place is not far from John’s, we opted to go for two groups on the road and two garden lunch stops.  GPX files were exchanged and we were good to go.

As it happened 2 pulled out so 8 it was.  But the plan was still valid so it was followed.

The route for those who went to Honing is shown below and the weather Gods were with us!  A splendid day out for all with fitness levels beginning to improve.

john's ride 020920

Malcolm’s Story

The two socially distanced groups had followed a similar path as far as Bacton Woods from where Malcolm led his group of 3 via the picturesque Ebridge Mill to North Walsham.

We had made good time on the outward leg and arrived at Malcolm’s at midday. In very pleasant warm and sunny conditions we enjoyed a great el fresco lunch prepared by Malcolm’s partner Sue.

John’s group arrived from Honing at 1pm and the two groups, still following British Cycling guidelines, set off for Felmingham. At Thurgarton Malcolm turned for home leaving the remaining members of the two groups to pedal the last few miles back to PC and beyond.

Facts and Figures

37 miles PC to PC with quite a bit more for most.

Lunches in Honing and North Walsham.

Alan, Andrew B, Andrew C, Duncan, John S, Kevin, Malcolm and Robert

No bike cleaning required!

Club Run 19 August 2020

Words by Andrew C

6 Wheelers met at PC.

The ride was circular passing through Baconsthorpe, Edgefield, Briston and Thurning. The latter was not on the list initially but closed roads pushed us that way.

Then on to Hindolveston, Fulmodeston, Little Snoring then Great Snoring. Back towards Thursford but peeling off to Hindringham, then into the wind to Bale then downhill to Langham, Wiveton and Cley.

34 miles out so Walsingham cafe pies and crisps were well earned. Tomatoes from the garden. 

By 1.40pm it was starting to spit lightly so Stephen headed off to Wells with the  remaining 4 doing the 9 miles back to PC. The host excused himself as he had the washing up to do!!

43 miles PC to PC

Robert, Kevin, Graham, Stephen, Duncan and leader Andrew C.

Club Run 12 August 2020

This was not so much a club run as popping (the long way) round to your mate’s house for a cuppa and a bite to eat.

A carefully selected (they were the only ones available!) sextet of Wednesday group ride leaders set out from PC on a warm and dry day in a clockwise direction to Malcolm’s garden.

There was the hint of a headwind as we passed through Metton, Northrepps, Southrepps, Trunch, Knapton and Paston, before we turned southwards and took the lanes to Edingthorpe and more quiet lanes to Hall Lane. We descended to join the North Walsham Road at its crossing with the North Walsham and Dilham Canal and then Little London Road to the by-pass.

A final short stretch to Malcolm’s for that cuppa and tasty bowls of squash soup and cheese scones courtesy of Malcolm’s partner Sue.

Water bottles refilled we followed the “Trans-Norfolk Highway” as far as Felmingham. A particularly fine example of a classic “Stingray” was being worked on as we passed Corvette Kingdom. By now the pleasant warmth of the morning had given way to proper heat and it became apparent by the time we reached Aldborough, via Suffield, that it was probably just as well that we didn’t normally have temperatures at and beyond 30 degrees!

But soldier on we did, although Malcolm left the group at Bessingham and the remaining 5 made their ways to Gresham, PC and beyond.

Varying distances covered by group members this week but the clear gold star winner of the first of this new era of Wednesday Club Rides has to be Stephen who managed a creditable 76 miles.

Andrew B, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert, Stephen

36 miles PC to PC

Judging the enterprise to be a success this format of ride should work for at least the next few weeks but we have not forgotten the local cafes and pubs and they will probably welcome our return, particularly at the end of the summer season!

Also we are not necessarily limiting the group to a maximum of 6 each ride; it’s just that this number is the most practicable in the current circumstances and a larger group needs more detailed planning for it to work successfully. Please take note of the guidance as detailed in the Dates and Destinations section of the website.

Wednesday Club Runs from 19 August 2020

We are creating a pool of riders who are happy to ride in a (socially distanced) group of up to 6 members and where individuals are invited to pre-book by email for a particular Wednesday ride.

If any club member wishes to join this pool of riders please use the website contact form to let us know. Unfortunately we are not able to accept guests (non-members) at this time.

Please note that you cannot just turn up at PC on the day; you must be in the pool of riders and have received an email invitation to ride in the week prior to a particular Wednesday. The cut-off for responses will be 7pm on Mondays. If more than 6 people respond we’ll do our best to keep everyone happy!

As a trial we shall be using members’ gardens for a (socially distanced) mid ride break for refreshments so hopefully we shall have dry Wednesdays for a while!

All of the above will be reviewed in light of any changes to Government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and British Cycling guidance.

Club Run to All Things Nice at Cawston 11 March 2020

Words by Robert

5 started at PC and headed south west directly into the wind, before turning east at Foulsham.

With the wind behind us we flew towards Reepham and Cawston.

At All Things Nice we met John and Kay for lunch.

After lunch 4 of us headed back to PC.

Alan, Andrew B, John S, Mark, Robert

38.5 miles PC to PC

Many thanks to Robert for leading the ride and for his succinct report!

Club Run to The Horse and Groom at Tunstead 4 March 2020

With light winds, dry conditions and sunshine 5 Wheelers were looking forward to Malcolm’s ride even after he had told them it would be 28 miles before lunch (plus the extra miles that one or two had put in to get to PC)!

The outward route was Lower Gresham to Metton followed by the long and straight Topshill Road to Thorpe Market. We then took the lanes to Lower Street, Trunch, Knapton, Paston Green and Edingthorpe Street, crossing the North Walsham Road to make our way to Bacton Woods. As we descended, a lone figure appeared from the shadows coming towards us – John S!

So a group of 6 rode on to Crostwight (the slight detour suggested by John in order to avoid a particularly muddy stretch of road). Sadly we were a bit early for the mile of daffodils so Honing Long Lane was slightly underwhelming with only a few in bloom. However the weather was great so spirits remained high as we pedalled on to Dilham, Smallburgh, Neatishead, Ashmanhaugh and to our lunchtime destination.

The supposed hit in sales of Corona beer was the hot topic of conversation but it was decided that this is very likely to be false news. Apparently though there has been a huge increase in web searches for the “corona beer virus” (sic) particularly in America. We enjoyed a tasty lunch and great service before setting off for the return leg, minus John who had to return home to hosting duties.

A direct route back was promised and that was what was delivered as we passed through Scottow, Swanton Abbott, Skeyton, Skeyton Corner and Felmingham. Turning off the Trans Norfolk Highway we followed Bridge Road to Colby Road to High Noon Road to Erpingham. At Calthorpe Andrew C favoured the Wolterton, Matlaske, Baconsthorpe route home while 4 continued on to Thurgarton, Bessingham, Gresham and PC.

Again a great day to be out on the bikes and thanks to all for the company.

45 miles PC to PC (Max 60+ Andrew C wins this week’s gold star by a short head)

Alan, Andrew B, Andrew C, John S, Kevin, Malcolm


Club Run to The Three Horseshoes at Warham 26 February 2020

A cool north westerly brought dry, bright and breezy conditions for the 4 Wheelers who met at PC for Malcolm’s ride to Warham. Best wishes to Mark who couldn’t join us and lead the ride today due to a family commitment.

The route there and back allowed for few deviations or loops which meant that any extra miles would have to be tagged on to the end!

So the outward leg was Geoff’s Corner to High Kelling, Wiveton, Langham, Cockthorpe and Stiffkey (with the inevitable traffic problems to which we were slightly amused observers) followed by a brief foray on the Coast Road before taking the Stiffkey Road to our lunchtime destination.

An open fire and a friendly welcome followed by hearty food prepared us well for the return leg. Following a familiar path we passed Binham, Bale, Sharrington, All Saints Church, St Andrew’s Church, St Mary’s Church and the Stody Estate. Now feeling spiritually fit we pedalled on aided by a welcome tailwind to Edgefield and Plumstead and then to the junction of Mill Road and Red Barn Lane. Alan, nursing a chesty cough, decided on the West Beckham route back to PC. Kevin accompanied Malcolm to Bessingham, Aldborough, Erpingham, Colby and Suffield before he turned into the wind for home.

Although breezy (again) it was a good day to be out on the bikes. The roads were more about fallen debris than mud so not too much bike cleaning.

38 miles PC to PC (45 miles PC to Suffield)

Alan, Andrew C, Kevin, Malcolm

Club Run to The Crown at Banningham 19 February 2020

Five Wheelers met at PC for Kevin’s ride to Banningham.

Route out; Lower Gresham, Metton, Felbrigg, Crossdale Street, Northrepps, Southrepps, Trunch, Knapton, Paston Green, Edingthorpe Street, Bacton Woods, Briggate, Lyngate, Worstead, Swanton Abbott, Skeyton, Tuttington, Banningham. The last 10 miles was a mixed bag as we battled against a fairly strong headwind until we turned for Tuttington and then benefitted from a cross/tailwind to our lunchtime destination.

The Crown was busy but we found ourselves a table not far from the bar and we didn’t have to wait too long for our food. Conversation was mostly about the pros and cons of e-cars and the environment in general. We came to the conclusion that we (society) all had to decide what we were going to give up to try and slow down the almost inevitable destruction of the planet as we know it and on that note paid up and set off for the return leg.

There was a split at Colby and just 4 returned to PC by way of Alby Hill, Thurgarton, Bessingham and Gresham.

Many thanks to Kevin for leading today’s ride.

Roads were mainly dry; the morning sunshine gave way to a cloudy and cooler afternoon but at least we missed the showers later on.

40 miles PC to PC

Andrew B, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert, Stephen