Club Run to The Victorious Cafe at Little Walsingham 26 May 2021

Words by Duncan who was leader for today’s ride

4 riders met at PC on a windy morning, with a promise of a little rain late morning.

We set off south with a moderate westerly cross wind, crossed the Holt/Norwich road at Saxthorpe, through Corpusty towards Thurning and Hindolveston, the cross wind now a headwind. Graham J then punctured a rear tyre at the end of Sandy Lane. Tube quickly and efficiently fixed with the aid of some elbow grease on the pump from Mark, we got about 100m  further and a few drops of rain began to fall. It didn’t look much, but we decided to stop again to don rain jackets.

This proved to be a wise decision because by the time we reached Hindolveston the rain had become steady and with a strengthening head wind the cycling became interesting. On to Fulmodeston, across the A148 to Little Snoring and then Great Snoring, the rain showing no signs of letting up. The original plan to head towards the Barshams and loop around via Waterden to enter Little Walsingham from the west was abandoned in favour of a short run direct to Little Walsingham and lunch.

Arriving at Victorious Cafe, they fortunately had a table inside although we had to chain our bikes to the railings on the green opposite as the rear of the cafe was closed due a swarm of bees! Thanks to Graham A for the use of a natty telescopic wire lock round all 4 bikes. The intrepid four sat gently steaming in the warm, refuelling with an excellent lunch, before setting off for the return leg. Fortunately all the bikes and wheels were still there although it was still raining and felt very cold at first. Although we now had a tailwind, it was much less strong than the earlier headwind (typical!). On to Binham, Langham and Wiveton, by which time the rain had finally stopped. Then at the top of Bridgefoot Lane/Holt Road, Graham J punctured again, this time the front tyre.

Puncture fixed and after a passing car driver stopped to ask us about the Wheelers (we may soon have a new member!), we set off across Salthouse Heath and down to Kelling, where the two Grahams peeled off to head for home on the coast road. Duncan and Mark climbed the hill from Kelling to High Kelling, across the A148 to Lower Bodham, then West Beckham and back to PC.

Duncan S (inaugural ride as leader), Graham A, Graham J, Mark.

PC to PC 42 miles.