TT start list 1st June

Remember this one is at Thursford so limited parking in the rough layby shown on the map, but there is parking in Thursford/ Little Snoring if needed.

10 mile Thursford time trial start is situated on the A148 at Thursford. Parking (limited to about 10 cars) and sign on is just west past the garage on the A148 in Thursford, on the north side on the large grass verge, careful as uneven ground (Click for Location).  The actual start is about a mile to the east past the Crawfish pub at the junction of the A148 and Hall Lane (which leads to Gunthorpe) see route map.  Do not turn in the road, turn into Thursford road opposite and cross.  At the end of the TT continue along road, dismount and cross the road if safe to do so or continue to the BP garage and turn around here – no U-turns on main road. The Strava route is here > Route

10m TT Thursford1-June-21 – 7pm start 
1Towning, SusieNNW
2Daykin, TimNNW
3Maynard, JonNNW
4Marshall, AmandaNNW
5Hall, LisaGuest
6Thorold, GuyNNW
7Jay, AdyNNW
8Jay, SarahNNW
9Johnson, BenECR
10Harman, TeresaTriHarman
11Platts, BrianNNW
12Spelman-Marriott, RobGuest
13Martin, MichaelCC Ashwell
14Watkins, PhilNNW
15Kitchen, RobStrada
16Morgan, JohnNNW
17Spooner, BrianVC Norwich
18Hayward, JohnNNW
19Harman, MarkTriHarman
20Mace, CarlTriharder
21Denny, GrahamNNW
22Harrowing, PaulNNW
23Hurr, Phil NNW
24Chastney, AlexStrada
25Stedman, CallumTriharder
26Morrison, KimDrag2Zero
27Morrell, TobyTriharder
28Procter, SamPoweredbyProcter
29Padfield, Mike / O’Neill, JonnyNNW