Club Run to Smallsticks at Cart Gap 17 June 2017

Seven riders – no not the same seven that came out on Wednesday – gathered for Malcolm’s run to Cart Gap!

The last time we went to CG an anti-clockwise route was chosen so this time on reaching Ingworth we continued along Priory Lane and eventually to Calthorpe; then a direct northerly route via Aldborough to Sustead. Already it was pretty warm and keeping well hydrated was going to be important today. As we headed towards Metton we met David C out for a morning spin and he decided to join us for a while.

Having negotiated a crossing of the not too busy (for once) A140 we pedalled on to Thorpe Market thankful of the bits of shade offered along the route. The A149 proved a little busier but fortunately we were not on it for too long before the left turning at Church Road to Station Road, past the former Suffield Arms (currently being refurbished and a possible future lunch venue) and on towards Bradfield.

Having taken the quiet route to Trunch David left us and then, in order to avoid the coast road traffic around Mundesley, we went on the back road to Knapton and Paston Green. Now one of North Norfolk’s famous “black holes” came into effect or at least that’s how it appeared to the four riders who emerged at Edingthorpe Street at the junction with Rectory Road. What had happened to Geoff, Nick and Robin? We later found out that they had emerged at Bacton Gas Terminal!

The four followed a very pleasant and not very often travelled route along Rectory Road and Church Road to Bacton Village and then a blast along the coast road to Walcott, Wimpwell Green, Happisburgh and finally Cart Gap.

After fine food and hospitality al fresco style and the normal banter we were pleased to see that a little cloud cover had gathered to offer some respite from the sun and its high UV. As we headed towards Honing Malcolm decided to change the normal route through East Ruston (perhaps with memories of the sticky tar and loose chippings of a recent ride) and looped round via Crostwight where we enjoyed some splendid views. On to Briggate and Worstead and then on familiar roads to Swanton Abbott (Cheers Trevor), Felmingham (Cheers Ian) and Suffield (Cheers Geoff, Nick and Barry). Malcolm and Robin road together to the start point at Banningham.

Malcolm then bade farewell to Robin Rush MBE – oh didn’t I mention that Robin has just been awarded the MBE for all of his fundraising activities over a number of decades. Many congratulations to Robin but now of course whenever Robin joins us on wet and muddy days we shall have to lay down our jerseys before him on particularly bad sections!

Barry, Geoff, Ian, Nick, Malcolm, Robin, Trevor and David C (Metton to Trunch)

50 miles Banningham to Banningham