Club Run to The Bluebell at North Walsham 21 June 2017

Nine Wheelers met for Andrew’s run to The Bluebell on a warm summer’s day; eight regulars and, always very welcome all the way from Leicestershire, Graham!

Down and up and then along to Mill Road before the fast descent into Gresham. Following the Cromer Road (at a good pace) we reached Metton and then the junction with the B1436. Andrew clearly had “good legs” today! Although busy as usual we didn’t have to wait too long at the junction before we were able to exit and take a left off the B road and then follow a more or less straight course to Northrepps.

Southrepps came soon after and then Trunch at which point we had the choice of Mundesley Road or Knapton Road. After a slight hesitation and even a little deviation we followed the former; however not quite as far as Mundesley as we effectively u-turned and headed back up towards Knapton.

Andrew needed an extra loop as otherwise we would arrive a little early for lunch so we went cross country via Paston Green, Edingthorpe and Bacton Village and down towards Walcott. Resisting the temptation of an ice cream by the seaside we turned off the Coast Road and, following Mill Common Road and Bachelor’s Lane, joined the Happisburgh Road (which soon becomes the North Walsham Road) at Ridlington. At Ebridge Mill The NW Road becomes Happisburgh Road but before the latter became New Road and totally confused everybody we turned right into Pound Road which eventually led to Bluebell Road (hooray – must be the pub at the end of this!)

CJ was tucking into his lunch as we parked the bikes in the garden at the back of the pub but it wasn’t long before everyone had received their order.

Suitably refreshed Andrew led the remaining 8 (Malcolm having headed off home) a familiar direct route back towards Pretty Corner via Bradfield, Thorpe Market, Hanworth and Gresham.

Thanks to Andrew for leading the ride.

Alan, Andrew, Graham, Kevin, Malcolm, Peter, Robert, Robin, Trevor. CJ at the pub.

PC to PC 41 miles