TT results Thursford-Fakenham 10 25/7/17

A change from the Aylmerton 15 to a Thursford 10 due to traffic lights was made to ensure we didnt miss another evening of time-trialling.  This didnt stop a reasonable turnout from riding.  The conditions were very good, with not much wind and not too hot.  Mike Padfield was fastest with a CPB by 21 seconds as he gets ever closer to a 21 on the club 10 courses. Second was Chris Skinner who was ‘allowed out to play’ and showed he still had good form.  Third was Perry (sorry didnt get first name)!  There were good rides (seasons bests) by John Morgan and Nigel Walsh.  Sarah Jay and Katie Middleton both got personal bests.  Thanks to the riders, timekeepers and marshalls as always.

Back to Pretty Corner next week for the Zak Carr trophy 10m TT.


25/07/2017 10m Thursford- Fakenham
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
CHRIS SKINNER 22.34 21.00
PERRY 22.41
JOHN MORGAN NNW 23.36 21.15
NIGEL WALSH NNW 24.27 21.42
P. HURR 25.29
JOHN HAYWARD NNW 25.46 23.07
ADRIAN JAY NNW 25.54 21.20
GUY THOROLD NNW 26.54 21.30
SARAH JAY TriHarman 26.59 20.53  PB
TESSA MORGAN NNW 30.00 22.32
EDDIE ROBSON TriHarman 30.39 24.14
K MIDDLETON TriHarman 32.09 20.39   PB