Club Run to Smallsticks Café at Cart Gap 2 August 2017

9 Wheelers gathered at PC and were herded off by Malcolm to begin the run to Cart Gap by way of Banningham where we hoped to round up one or two others.

Sure enough reclining on the bench on the village green were David C and Bob (2nd claim member, his primary membership being Velo Club Norwich). So after a quick phone call to the café to confirm the numbers we set off due south against a stiff breeze through Tuttington up to Church Road and then swooped down through Skeyton and Swanton Abbott.

The leader for the day clearly wanted to stretch his legs and on the straight road to Worstead put the hammer down and then waited opposite a slightly bemused bin lorry crew as the riders regrouped before enjoying a tailwind to take us sailing through Briggate, Honing, Crostwight, over the Stalham Road to Happisburgh Common, Lessingham and finally the café. Distance 28 miles from PC.

Realising there would be a little wait, one or two diners availed themselves of the rather good scones before the main courses arrived and all enjoyed a welcome refuel. Good food, friendly service. The only thing that let lunch down slightly is that Bob had asked for his dessert to come with a pot of tea after the meal and unfortunately the order got lost somewhere. The rest of the group were ready to leave some thinking a heavy shower would not be long coming and Bob was happy to make his own way back home. Hope to see you again soon Bob and all the best to VC Norwich!

The shower did not happen as we returned via Happisburgh, Ridlington, Edingthorpe Green, Trunch, Lower Street, Thorpe Market and Hanworth. Various riders had peeled off en route and on reaching the open grazing area of Hanworth Malcolm also bade farewell to Alan, Andrew and Graham who made their way back to PC and their various final destinations.

A good pace today but hopefully nobody’s legs were too tired and all enjoyed a good Wednesday run!

Alan, Andrew, Bob, Brian, David C, Graham, John S, Malcolm, Peter, Robert and Robin

50 miles PC to PC   Max 65 – 70 miles