Club Run to The White Horse at Crostwick 23 August 2017

Words by John D

3 Wheelers met up at Pretty Corner for John D’s ride to the White Horse at Crostwick.

News had obviously got out of the prospects for a good day’s riding because 11 more riders appeared before the off at 10:30. Two of our number were holidaying in the area, another a “local” trying us for the first time, and the rest the usual suspects!

Heading down the dip and left into Sheringham Road we met the first of the day’s obstacles. Once this large agricultural one was safely negotiated we headed through to Gresham, where we picked up the 15th rider of the day, and on through Sustead and Hanworth to the A140. Now, crossing a major road is always a challenge and with a larger group, more so. A thank you here then to the guys who helped at this and subsequent crossings.

From the A140 we headed along Topshill Road to cross another main road and on past the old Suffield Arms (now a house) to Antingham. Again another obstacle, this time the Sheringham express, which held us (à la TdF) for a few minutes.

The next obstacle was of our own making – Corvette Kingdom, just north of the Trans Norfolk Highway (aka B1145), with its doors open to reveal some stunning automobiles detained the men momentarily, until they realized that whilst a new bike can often be smuggled in the back door, one of these could not.

With the scent of lunch in the wind, we drove south into an increasingly strong breeze, pausing only briefly to ponder how far the pub in Skeyton was!. At one point, near Hautbois, the NNW lead out train was seen to be faster than the Aylsham – Wroxham express!

We approached the lunch stop by heading out of Coltishall via Heggat Road, Granny Bards Lane and Dow Lane. The White Horse is used to large parties and coped well with the men’s demands.

Leaving the pub in increasingly warm and humid conditions, we rode the back lanes through to Buxton and via Oxnead, Banningham and Aldborough to home, losing some riders as they turned off to make their way to their original starting points.

47 miles PC to PC and no punctures (very good considering that there would have been around 750 miles of road covered by all the bikes). 60+ miles for some. No incidents of note.

Roll Call: John D, John S, Malcolm, Kevin, Robert, Trevor, Andrew, Peter, Alan, Geoff, Stephen, Alban, Robin, Tim, David

(15 out is something of a recent record for a Wednesday ride)

Note from Wednesday Club Run Captain

Many thanks to John D for leading the ride – a great route!

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