Club Run to The Chequers Inn at Binham 4 October 2017

Seven Wheelers met at PC on a cool and breezy morning for Alan’s ride to Binham. Most had wisely chosen either 3/4 or full bib tights but a hardy two were still in shorts.

Red Barn lane into Plum Lane before a right turn taking us to Baconsthorpe followed by Edgefield, Hunworth, Stody and Brinton. Pausing at Gunthorpe for a few minutes Andrew suggested taking the lead as Alan had been taking the full hit of the headwind up to this point. We made our way up to and across the A148 and then Little Walsingham, Wighton and finally Binham. We were looking forward to the warmth of the pub!

The Chequers is now a Community Pub so we’re glad to be able to support it in our small way. The service was efficient and friendly and the food good quality. Stephen left us after a quick refreshment and, after lunch, the six continued on their way bypassing Field Dalling and Bale before arriving at Sharrington.

At Letheringsett we could and, in retrospect, should have joined the A148. Instead we chose to ride the footpath alongside which was strewn with cuttings from the recently trimmed hedgerow. Surely this could only end in tears! Firstly Andrew double punctured (front and rear that is) before we even reached the main road. He was happy for us to carry on without him. Geoff left us at Holt.

Then on the stretch to Hempstead David C punctured, then Alban – both without doubt the result of thorns or other debris picked up on that footpath – Alan and Malcolm carried out a further check of their tyres – at this rate we might run out of inner tubes!

Alban left us at Hempstead and the three pedalled on to Baconsthorpe. Shortly after David C and Malcolm bade farewell to Alan who made his way back to PC and they carried on to Gresham before going their separate ways home.

Thank you to Alan for leading today’s ride.

Alan, Alban, Andrew, David C, Geoff (not our Geoff but a welcome visitor), Malcolm, Stephen

40 miles PC to PC; 50 – 60 miles for some.