Club Run to The Goat Inn at Skeyton 18 October 2017

Eleven headed towards Itteringham on a cool and initially wet Wednesday morning to start Robert’s ride to Skeyton.

With most wearing water (or at least wind) proof tops the NNW logo was only just on display; overshoes were worn by some for possibly the first time this year; and there were two diehards in shorts – good for them and just as well the NE wind wasn’t cooler and stronger!

After Itteringham and en route to Cawston Robert announced that today’s run was going to be a straightforward loop on good roads. Good choice Robert! The other Saturday when we were joined by Owen of Cycling Weekly he did ask if we changed our lanes and byway routes after or during bad weather and in the winter months when the road conditions deteriorate. After all it generally means safer riding conditions, less punctures and less time cleaning your bike!

Fortunately the rain didn’t continue today and the bunch arrived at Cawston nicely warmed up. Crossing the B1145 we then followed The Norwich Road as far as Easton way where we paused to reflect on the new Ratcatcher’s Inn. Mixed feelings on its new appearance – it did have a good reputation in the past – we’ll see when it re-opens!

Onward along Haveringland Road, where we said goodbye to John D, into Shorthorn Road and eventually Stratton Strawless. Then Buxton before arriving at The Goat Inn at the same time as a beer delivery – is this what is meant by serendipity! Trevor left us as he had a busy afternoon ahead.

Once inside most of us resisted the temptation of the ales on offer and enjoyed a good lunch before setting off up Long Road. Reaching Church Road we carried straight on to Tuttington and then Banningham where Malcolm left the group and the remaining 8 Wheelers headed in the direction of Ingworth.

From there Calthorpe, Wickmere, Bessingham (at which point Robert lead himself home), Gresham and finally PC.

Thank you to Robert for leading today’s ride.

Alan, Alban, Andrew, John D, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert, Robin, Stephen, Trevor.

PC to PC 40 miles